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A Taste of Bali Beach: Sunday’s Beach Club

November 21, 2016
Bali Beach Sunday's Beach Club

A Taste of Bali Beach: Sunday’s Beach Club 
On our fourth day in Indonesia, we flew from Yogyakarta to Bali. You can check out the start of the journey here – Day 0: Manila to Jakarta, Indonesia
Bali is the very reason why I chose the October leg of the #tripofwonders #wonderfulindonesia. It must be everyone’s dream to experience Bali. Tell me it is in your bucketlist (I don’t have a bucketlist though).  I didn’t get the chance to visit Bali the first time I went to Indonesia so I was all excited and giddy to experience its sights and sounds (yes, sounds?). 

Featured photo by @kamabtara

I kind of like the idea of flying domestically around Indonesia. It feels like being in an Amazing Race except that we took everything too lightly and easy. The Ministry of Tourism took care of everything we need – we just had to be there on time. Always.
trip of wonders indonesia
with my faves Rodel and Kama
trip of wonders indonesia
with Jin, Shani, Gzul, Thanis and Kisty

trip of wonders indonesia
Ready to fly

trip of wonders indonesia
Cliche Photo
We flew in via Garuda Indonesia
The drill after landing
It was a smooth 2-hour flight from Yogyakarta to Bali. Yogyakarta is an hour behind from Philippines, but when we landed in Bali, we were back on the same time zone. 
Bali Beach: Sunday's Beach Club
We didn’t waste any time and we headed straight to Sunday’s Beach Club. 
What greeted us? Monkeys! They look too cute for photos but they can easily grab your stuff and what-nots. Keep your stuff near your body. 🙂
Bali Beach: Sunday's Beach Club
Bali Beach: Sunday's Beach Club
Bali Beach: Sunday's Beach Club
Sunday’s Beach Club is a clifftop resort. We  rode a cable car and did a little trek down to meet – the Bali Beach!
Bali Beach: Sunday's Beach Club
We had (quite) heavy lunch. I love the selection of food they have in Sunday’s Beach Club. A little break from the usual spicy Indonesian food. 
Bali Beach: Sunday's Beach Club
Bali Beach: Sunday's Beach Club
Bali Beach: Sunday's Beach Club
I love my Rendang Beef Calzone! The bomb!!! 
Such a bummer to only have 3 hours to spend in the beach. I was not in my best mood that day because I felt heavy and I wanted to stay a bit longer – but we had to stick with the schedule. Deep inside, I was kicking myself for not extending the trip (!!!). 
Bali Beach: Sunday's Beach Club
But that didn’t stop me from enjoying the view and company of new (and somewhat old) friends. 
While most enjoyed their bottles of Bintang and the sun, the others spent the time taking photos and #ootd’s. 
We explored the beach and took quick photos. 
Rodel and Kama played volleyball. I quit because I felt weak to the bones and I couldn’t afford injury during travel. I just took photos and enjoyed the view. 
Bali Beach: Sunday's Beach Club
Fun time
Bali Beach: Sunday's Beach Club
Favorite photo I took :p
But my editing is a bit darker
If you have a limited time to explore Bali, I would suggest visit the Sunday’s Beach Club. They serve good food and the place is not too crowded. Most of the tourists are Europeans, Australians and Asians. 
Sunday’s Beach Club also offers water-based activities, including snorkelling, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking and swimming in the lagoon. 
Bali Beach: Sunday's Beach Club
Thinking about life :p
We, Filipinos are a little too hard to please when we are talking about the beach and marine life departments. It may look like the same white sand, the bright blue sky and the calm sea on the pictures, but what makes the Bali Beach experience different? It is the whole experience. The people, the food, the bottle of Bintang (or watermelon shake?), the different view and the different feeling. You must visit. 
Here is our itinerary for Day 1 in Bali:
11:00 – Arrival in Bali

11:00 – 12:00 Lunch at Sunday’s Beach club

12:00 – 15:00 Beach time!!!

15:30 – 16:00 To Uluwatu Temple

16:00 – 18:30- Uluwatu Temple Tour

19:00 – 20:30 Kecack Dance

20:30 – 21:00 Seafood Dinner

22:00  Check in at Golden Tulip Hotel Seminyak
It was funny when one of the organizers, Kama thought that we still had time to chill (when he actually forgot to adjust his time) 🙂 
We then headed to Uluwatu Temple to watch a cultural show with a beautiful sunset background. 
… to be continued.
Shopping in Yogyakarta

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