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The Sights and Sounds of Bali: Ulutawu Temple + Kecak Fire Dance

November 23, 2016
Ulutawu Temple + Kecak Fire Dance

The Sights and Sounds of Bali: Ulutawu Temple + Kecak Fire Dance 
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Our two nights in Bali offered an overview of the colorful sights and interesting sounds of the island. Bali is not just about the beach. 
Ulutawu Temple
A quick #OOTD just because.. it is not always you visit Ulutawu Temple
After our afternoon dip at Sunday’s Beach Club, we headed to Ulutawu Temple. The #tripofwonders #wonderfulindonesia team ensured that there was a balance between fun and cultural activities. To tell you honestly, I wasn’t that too eager to explore the temple. Part of me wanted to stay in the beach and enjoy my watermelon shake. 
But upon stepping foot at Ulutawu Temple and wrapping a scarf around my waist, I felt like I was ready to explore again. 
Ulutawu Temple
Ulutawu Temple
Ulutawu Temple
Ulutawu Temple is not too strict about dress code (at least you can bare your shoulders) but they provide scarves to cover up the legs (men not exempted!) . Women who have menstruation are also not allowed inside the temple. 
It was a little crowded when we walked and toured the temple. But the view from the cliff is so worth it. It is one of the most relaxing scenes I have seen in my life. The way the water creates waves and loses its form before it hits the shore. Yes, that is the Indian Ocean. 
Ulutawu Temple
Touristy Photo
Ulutawu Temple
Indian Ocean
Ulutawu Temple
with Kirk, Julius, Thanis, Gzul and Rodel
The whole tour around the temple, I was holding my bladder. I think I have mastered the art of muscle control during this trip. We then headed to the stadium for the cultural performance. 
Truth be told, I wasn’t really excited about the cultural show. I couldn’t wait to go to our hotel and have a hot bath and take a rest. They said the show was perfect with the view of the sunset. Sunset is one of the most cliche things about photography. But anyway, we found the spot and settled. It was good to be seated after a tiring day. 
Ulutawu Temple
Kecak is a Balinese Dance Drama developed in Bali in 1930s. The Kecak story is adapted from Hindu, Ramayana. 
The performance officially started when a group of men entered the stadium chanting and waving their hands. They were wearing cloths around their waist and a flower on their ear. They were chanting “cak” which was rhythmic and catchy – I feel like I am hearing it now. 
Ulutawu Temple Kecak Dance
Different characters soon started joining the drama – from a beautifully clad lady, to a mischievous white Monkey, and different characters. We got a little too curious about the story, trying to understand the whole drama and guessing each character’s significance to the story.
I was surprised with how I enjoyed the whole show especially when the characters made the audience part of the story. There was even a part when the White Monkey started kicking fire balls – it was so scary and intense! I think I heard myself got a little too worried when I was recording a video :p 
Ulutawu Temple Kecak Dance
They said that the show would last for an hour (!!!) What? I took a short bio-break and prepared myself for the big night. 
After the show, audience was given a chance to meet and greet with the performers. I would have wanted to do so but our group went ahead. The other #tripofwonders group got a chance to have a photo opp though. 
If you plan to visit Ulutawu Temple and see the Kecak Fire Dance, I would suggest that you sit right across the ocean view to get a beautiful sunset scene during performance. We missed that lovely view but we enjoyed the show just the same. 
Kecak Fire Dance
We were there, find us!
Photo by @kamabtara
The fire dance would take around an hour so please stay until the end. It is a beautiful performance. I wanted to police the other tourists who left the stadium at the middle of the show. Not cool. 
For dinner, we went to Jimbaran Beach Café for seafood dinner. What a way to end a great day 🙂 
I sat next to Attorney Julius, Matinee Idol Kirk, World Traveler Liliane and Wacky Becky! Love my short catch up with the Pinoy Travel Bloggers enjoying a familiar food 🙂 
 Jimbaran Beach Café
 Jimbaran Beach Café
Ulutawu Temple Fees
Entrance: 20,000 IDR/ around $1.5 USD
additional 100,000 IDR / around $7.5 USD to see the Kecak Dance
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