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Fundador Cafe: New Fave Coffee Shop in McKinley Hill

March 16, 2018
Fundador Cafe Menu Price McKinley Hill
Fundador Cafe in Venice Grand Canal Mall, McKinley Hill
History repeats itself as Spain invades the Philippines again. This time around, they didn’t bring spices but sweet gastronomic experience. 
Although I am part of the small percentage of people who only drink socially, I was intrigued and curious about what Fundador, Spain’s largest and oldest brand company in the Philippines has to offer in its first concept store. The Fundador Cafe would absolutely be my new favorite coffee shop in Venice Grand Canal Mall, McKinley Hill.

Fundador Cafe Menu Price McKinley Hill
When my friend said there would be chocolates and cakes, I was all set to go. I always buy chocolate liquors during travels; and it would be nice to have a local store to offer something similar. 
Fundador Cafe Menu Price McKinley Hill
Fundador Cafe Menu Price McKinley Hill
Fundador Cafe Menu Price McKinley Hill
The Fundador Bar has a cocktail-bar in its 50-square meter store and a cake chiller that displays four heavenly cupcake variations that has a special ingredient, Harvey Bristol Cream,  the number one sherry in the world. It is a sherry wine produced in Jerez, Spain and is exclusively sold in Fundador Cafe too. 

“The Fundador Cafe was launched with the Filipino millennials in mind. It’s the Philippines’ first concept store where customers can indulge in a variety of beverages and cupcakes infused with liquor while shopping the rare and exclusive collections of Fundador” – Kendrick Tan, executive director, Emperador, Inc.
 Fundador Cafe Menu
This is the cafe that requires you to be 18 years old and above to be served cupcakes and drinks. I know, it is always good to be legal. 
The Fundador Cafe price of goods are comparable to local coffee shops. Nothing above Php 150. Fundador Cafe offers hot, cold and blended drinks. I love the variety of caffeinated and fruit-infused drinks. The common denominator would be, they are all alcoholic. 
Fundador Cafe Menu Price
Fundador Cafe Menu
Fundador Cafe Menu Price
Aside from cupcakes and drinks, Fundador Cafe also offers gelato. 
The four variety of cupcakes have Harveys Bristol Cream which adds clean, fresh and fruity flavor. It gives a spicy oovertone in a smooth flavor. I love how smooth the chocolate ganache feels in the mouth. Each cupcake has an inviting freshly-baked cupcake and alcohol aroma. But don’t worry, it won’t make you drunk even if you finish a whole cupcake. I had 3 that night! 
Fundador Cafe Menu Price
My favorite (I guess, it was everyone’s favorite during the opening night), Banana Cupcake 🍌🍌🍌
How to eat the Fundador Cafe cupcake?
Well, you have two options:
1. Squeeze in and inject the alcohol inside the cupcake.
2. Sip it directly!
Fundador Cafe Menu Price
Chocolate Cupcake Php 60 
Fundador Cafe Menu Price
Sherry Butter Cupcake 80
Fundador Cafe Menu Price Venice Grand Canal Mall in McKinley Hill
Banana Cupcake Php 95
Fundador Cafe Menu Venice Grand Canal Mall in McKinley Hill
Vanilla Butter Cupcake Php 105
Fundador Cafe Menu Venice Grand Canal Mall in McKinley Hill
The Fundador Cafe’s Fruit Cake reminds me of the Holidays 
Fundador Cafe serves uniquely mixed alcohol with different Fundador brands. Fundador Cafe Latte uses premium espresso with Fundador Gold Reserve and classic Fundador Solera; Cafe Exclusivo uses Fundador Exclusivo and finest coffee beans; and the Double Salted Caramel is mixed with Fundador Double Light. 

with @mykesoon!
Covering events since 2010  🤩🤩🤩

For cold choices, there are variety of drinks perfect for summer. The Light Iced Tea may not be light at all, as it is mixed with a shot of Fundador Light. Cafe Solera, which is a premium roast coffee is served with iced and a shot of Fundador Solera. My favorite is the Harveys Mojito. I love how refreshing it is – with just the perfect hint of alcohol. 
The ice blended drinks are also a must-try. Orange Passion is a sweet soda based drink blended with Harveys Bristol Cream; Fundador Frappe is an ice swirl of espresso infused with Fundador Gold Reserve and Fundador Solera; and for green tea lovers, check out Matcha Light which is a sweet, creamy vanilla blend of match flavor with Fundador Light. 
Fundador Cafe Venice Grand Canal Mall in McKinley Hill
The Venice Grand Canal Mall in McKinley Hill will always be photogenic
If you still have room for dessert (and more alcohol), try the Amara Dark Chocolate or Dulce de Leche Gelato. Both are mixed with Harveys Bistrol Cream. 

What’s good about the Fundador Cafe Location?
You can have endless #ootd photoshoot everytime you visit the cafe. 

Fundador Cafe in Venice Grand Canal Mall, McKinley Hill
… because polka dots are making a comeback!

The Verdict
 Fundador Cafe provides resolution for friends who are torn if they would spend their Friday night in a bar or coffee shop. My Tita in me would always choose a place where I can have coffee and have a good conversation. But a dose of fine alcohol would always be nice – be it served through a fancy cupcake or chilled drinks.
The better news, you can get your alcohol fix any time of the day. Just like having your caffeine fix. Make sure you are in a legal age. And always drink moderately. I know the cupcakes are so darn good! 🍷

Fundador Cafe
G/F Venice Grand Canal Mall, McKinley Hill Dr

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