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Fun Group Activities to Try with Friends in London

March 30, 2018
Fun Group Activities to Try with Friends in London
Oh, how I missed London. It is still one of my favorite cities. 
London is a city of endless possibility, whether you’re visiting alone, as part of a couple or with a group of friends. But sometimes all of that potential can feel a little overwhelming. When you’re visiting somewhere new as a group, it can seem like an almost impossible task to arrive at a plan everyone is happy with. There are just too many options and too many different preferences to consider. This is exactly the type of situation that favors London’s reputation as one of the top tourist destinations in the world.  

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As a city that receives millions of visitors each year, London is well-equipped to entertain. If your gang wants to burn off some excess energy and have fun in the process, you can head over to one of the many large-scale trampoline arenas in the city. Places like Jumping Giants and Flip Out London offer hours of fun for everybody. Even the sceptics in your group won’t be able to resist the adult-sized foam pits and super slides that make up these funhouses! This is a great idea if you’ve been stuck on a long-haul flight the day before, as it gives everyone an opportunity to stretch their legs and exorcise any lingering frustration. 
Fun Group Activities to Try with Friends in London
Photo by Dennis Magati CC0
After you’ve triggered all those endorphins by bouncing around, you might want to try something more sedate. London’s first board games bar has recently opened in Hackney. Draughts has a seemingly never-ending selection of board games available, from the classic Snakes & Ladders to the devilish Cards Against Humanity. Swing by with your team for reasonably-priced and yummy light bites and a killer cocktail menu. The atmosphere is cosy and welcoming, providing the perfect contrast to any high-energy activities on your agenda. The café is situated in a lovingly-restored railway arch in a cool area of North London, so once you’ve finished your game, you can explore the Shoreditch locale and maybe pick up some vintage finds.  
If board games haven’t satisfied your group’s competitive streak, then another way to really test yourselves as a team is to head over to one of London’s escape rooms. Places like clueQuest or Enigma Escape offer some of the best escape experiences in the city. Escape rooms have really taken off in the UK recently, but in the capital,  you are spoilt with choices of different themes and difficulty levels. Once you’ve been locked in a room together for 60 minutes trying to escape, you’ll get a true impression of just how well you know each other! In this environment, you are working together rather than against each other, so it can be a great way to balance the group dynamic. The situation is a way to build trust among group members, and it gives everybody the chance to loosen up and have a laugh together. It’s important work, if you want to have a happy trip!  
Fun Group Activities to Try with Friends in London
Photo by Burst CC0
Finally, if you’re staying in London for a few days, then you must try the sleepover event at the Natural History Museum in Kensington. The museum hosts regular adult-only sleepovers where your gang can relax with a drink and a dance, before snuggling down to camp out amongst the exhibits. It’s a once in a lifetime experience and something that you will remember as a group long after the trip has ended. How many people can say that they’ve dreamed peacefully beneath the bones of a T-Rex?!  
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