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September 9, 2018

5 Minimalist Ways That Can Help Save the Environment

Ruth dela Cruz 5 Minimalist Ways That Can Help Save the Environment Juan Earth Campaign

I found a new source of happiness.

While most find joy in watching haul videos (well, I still do!), I feel a different kind of happiness watching decluttering videos. 

I find it therapeutic and relaxing; and little by little, I am adopting the same system and lifestyle.

I might not probably aware at that time, but I think my interest in minimalism started after our house burnt down and I lost all my possessions. I thought, I no longer want to "collect things". I stopped collecting items but I still found myself  buying stuff, clothes, and knick knacks.

I am still in a long journey to really embrace minimalism. People have different interpretation of minimalism. I am happy that at this stage, I am aware of who I am and what I need/want in life. This applies to all aspects of my life - how I spend my time, who I have relationships with, what I eat, what I wear, what I own, etc.

Here are 5 Ways I am starting to live minimally that gear toward saving the environment:

1. Recycle and Mix & Match Clothes

I am still aiming to have a go-to outfit/uniform that I can wear every single day. Currently, I am trying to wear my clothes differently by mixing and matching them. I am a serial clothes repeater, and I make sure that I only buy clothes that are durable and can last a long time. 

My goal is to sell the clothes that no longer fit me, and use the money to buy new clothes. I also stopped buying accessories instead build my own fave jewelry set. 

Segue, I am selling new and pre-loved items at really low prices, if you are interested, you can join our Private Sale here. 

2. Carry your own eco-bag and mug everywhere, try to eliminate the use of straws and plastic spoon and fork

Did you know that in the Philippines 6,237,653 kg of plastic are being wasted per day? If plastic production, use, and mismanagement continue, there is a huge possibility that there will be more plastics swimming in the ocean than fish by 2050. 

Ruth dela Cruz 5 Minimalist Ways That Can Help Save the Environment Juan Earth Campaign

Small acts can really help a lot. 

* Personally, I love bringing my own eco bag especially during my shopping day. My friend and I are self-proclaimed advocates - caring less if it makes us look more tita than ever. 
* Bringing mugs for coffee would help eliminate the use of plastics and paper cups. Some coffee shops even offer discount for bringing your own cup. 

Ruth dela Cruz 5 Minimalist Ways That Can Help Save the Environment Juan Earth Campaign

* Don't hate me, but I am not a fan of metal straws. I think the water we use for washing it every single use is not helping the environment either. I also do not feel comfortable drinking from a metal straw. I would rather not use straw. 
* We no longer ask for plastic spoon and fork for take-away and food deliveries.

3. Grow Our Own Vegetable Garden at Home

Mom and I are thinking of planting vegetables and plants in our little rooftop garden (again). The prices of the goods and vegetables are greatly affected by the inflation, and there's no better way to address this concern but by growing our own ingredients. 

Ruth dela Cruz 5 Minimalist Ways That Can Help Save the Environment Juan Earth Campaign
Vietnam Market Visit

My interest to grow my own little garden (and be a farmer) started after a series of Organic Farm Tours in the Philippines. 

Currently, our biggest challenge are the birds eating our plants before they could even bear fruits and vegetables. If you guys have tips on how to build your own vegetable garden in the city, let me know!!!

Ruth dela Cruz 5 Minimalist Ways That Can Help Save the Environment Juan Earth Campaign
Taken in one of the organic farms in Bukidnon

4. Think Thrice Before Buying Anything 

Just like relationships, I always think twice and thrice before buying anything and letting a stuff occupy a space in my room/house. We already have a lot of stuff that need new home. 

Additionally, I want to make sure that the items I buy are of good quality, animal-friendly and are made of local materials #supportlocal

Ruth dela Cruz 5 Minimalist Ways That Can Help Save the Environment Juan Earth Campaign
Walking away proudly with no shopping bag 

I was in Vietnam recently and found a store selling really nice woven bags, but I walked away proudly thinking I do no need another bag and I would rather buy support local businesses. I also say no to souvenirs like keychains with preserved animals and butterflies in it. Yikes! 

I want to make sure my stuff - like makeup, skin care goods, and even gadgets are produced by brands that support the conservation of environment and ethical work welfare. 

5. Take Juan Step to Support an Advocacy

One of the things I am proud of about our country is that Philippines is not just rich in natural resources but with eco-warriors too. There are many non-government organizations which are doing their Pinoy duties towards environment and animal protection. Some of these NGOs initiate projects include seedling adoption for reforestation, pawikan and giant clam adoption to retrieve species, and cats and dogs adoption to save abused home pets.

The good news is, volunteering to these environmental efforts is just one step at Juan Earth on September 29, 2018 at Bonifacio High Street Activity Center, 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. Juan Earth is a grassroots effort produced by Write On Track and its dedicated team of community volunteers wanting to educate and empower people to create a healthier and more sustainable world.

Ruth dela Cruz 5 Minimalist Ways That Can Help Save the Environment Juan Earth Campaign
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 Visit Juan Earth’s website at http://www.juanearth.com; LIKE its Facebook page at www.facebook.com/JuanEarthPH; or check their updates on Instagram at www.instagram.com/juanearthph. 

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