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Saltwater Float Center: My Floating Therapy Experience

December 3, 2018
Saltwater Float Center: My Floating Therapy Experience
There are days when we just want to escape – and when traveling and flying out seems a little too expensive and time – consuming, all we need is a pod of saltwater.  

Saltwater Float Center Review: My Floating Therapy Experience
I finally got to try floating via the SaltWater Float Center. Imagine a big bath tub or pod around 8 feet lng and 5 feet wide that holds about 12 inches of water, which is saturated with 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt. You float on your back about half in and half out of the water. The water itself is kept at the average skin temperature (34° C), which allows you to lose track of your body. I think this is the closest I can experience the Dead Sea. 
I read a lot about the benefits of a deprivation tank or isolation tank. and I was excited for my first float. 

My SaltWater Float Center Experience
When I arrived at the Saltwater Float Center for my float schedule, I was first introduced to the pod. The pod is inside a room where there is a shower area, and basket of towel, water, head floater and earplugs. 
Saltwater Float Center Review: My Floating Therapy Experience
Saltwater Float Center Review: My Floating Therapy Experience
Saltwater Float Center Review: My Floating Therapy Experience
There is also a spray bottle of fresh water which you can use in case the saltwater gets in your eyes (it is really painful!!!).
Before diving in to the pod, it is advisable to change into a swimming attire or go totally naked (I might try it next time when I do not need to take photos). You have to take a shower first to make sure that all the creams, oil or lotion that you put in your body would be washed out first before you float. 
As soon as I closed the door and gave them a signal to start my session, I heard a music and it was time for me to float. Stepping inside the pod is like going into a different twilight moment. I floated and relaxed, and to make the most of the experience – I closed the pod and the LED light (through the blue button inside the pod). 
Saltwater Float Center Review: My Floating Therapy Experience
If you are claustrophobic, this might be a little challenging for you. But never worry, because inside the pod is a red button which you can use to call help in case of emergency. 
The experience is out of this world. 
The first few minutes, I tried to observed how my body floats and sways with the water. I tried to  find the most comfortable position for my hands. At some point, I felt that my upper back is aching – or maybe it is the way of how the water is correcting and relaxing my tired shoulders and body. 
I decided to just let all the worries go. 
I felt like I could no longer feel my body. Maybe I doze off. 
I could feel half of my body was submerged in the water (ears included), while the other half was floating. 
When I tried to felt my body that’s when some saltwater got into my eyes. Thankfully there’s a spray water that I could use. 
I floated again and  used the head rest – which made me felt more relaxed. 
I was zoning out of my world when I heard the music. 
I was back in my world. 
Benefits of SaltWater Floating
Unlike lying on a mattress, lying in water allows blood to flow freely all throughout your body. There’s no need to readjust your position to get comfortable. Research shows that about 40 minutes into your float your brain stops producing its normal Alpha and Beta waves and starts going deeper into a Theta and even  Delta state – this is deep state of relaxation only floating provides.
I love that there’s no need for me to fight gravity that lets my muscles, joints, and bones take a well-deserved break. I actually felt very recharged after my float – that I still got the energy to battle traffic and go to a concert that night. 
Saltwater Float Center Review: My Floating Therapy Experience
Floating also helps in cardiovascular health by inducing deep relaxation that reduces stress levels and improves sleep. 
Reading more about floating, a research shows that floating in a sensory deprivation tank has been found in a handful of studies to increase originality, imagination, and intuition, which can all lead to enhanced creativity. 
Personally, I feel more recharged, focused and with clearer mind after my seawater float experience. 
Some Tips Before You Float
Wear proper swimming attire – and don’t forget to wash it right after your float.
Don’t leave your camera or phone exposed during your float. The residue of the saltwater may damage your gadget.
Don’t float if you have your period, or if you have open wound. 
Come at least 15 minutes before your float schedule so you can use the time to prepare, shower, and make the most of the 90-minute float.
Don’t go if you recently dyed your hair. 
You can bring your own toiletries but Saltwater Float Center provides the basics (and hey, look at that Dyson hairdryer!),
Saltwater Float Center Review: My Floating Therapy Experience
Saltwater Float Center Review: My Floating Therapy Experience
I really enjoyed my first float experience and this is my new fave me-time activity. 
Saltwater Float Center Review: My Floating Therapy Experience
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For your floating needs: 
Regular Rate:
P2.800 for 1 pod (2 hours max use)
Saltwater Float Center
Located at : Ground Floor, The Sapphire Bloc, Garnet Road, Ortigas Center
Tel : 0927-4990888
IG: @SaltWaterFloatCenter
Hashtags: #SaltWaterFloatCenter

Have you guys tried floating?
Is this something that you would try?

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