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Millennial Money Lessons + Invest in Stocks Anywhere through 2TradeAsia App

June 14, 2019
Millennial Money Lessons + Invest in Stocks Anywhere through 2TradeAsia App

I am one of those kids who was once irresponsible about handling and managing money. 

I remember back in College when I got an extension for a credit card and I swiped away to shopping and clubbing. I was at that stage when I felt that “my parents didn’t understand me” and I told myself that once I got a job, I would buy everything I wanted. 
Until, I got my first job and earned a minimum pay, but even if I got promoted and received increase in salary, my mom would still give me additional allowance for my transportation and other expenses.  Real world is real, and cruel. ✌️

We are not rich, but there is always something about parents’ love. My parents are always so supportive of the things that I want to do. 
Every year I learned and matured.  If there is anything I learned about money, these are: 
  • pay yourself first (meaning save a portion of your earnings first), 
  • find more ways to earn (in my case, I made and sold accessories and items online while I was working in a corporate, blogging was not yet fully monetized during those years), 
  • live within your means (it is more of knowing what things you need vs want)
It didn’t take me a long while to find financial freedom. I am able to buy things I like, go and travel to places, treat family to nice dinners, and even enjoy a fancy coffee if it is petsa de peligro 
I continued to broaden my financial literacy, and decided to invest on stocks in 2013 (through my bank). I set aside a certain amount of money I was willing to dispose at that time (that’s one tip they usually give those who are thinking of investing on stocks). Only invest the money that you are willing to lose, meaning you have to have your own emergency fund and savings. Until now I keep the stock investment even if I see my Realized Losses hit 5 figures (crossing fingers stocks landscape would be better) 

Money Matters: Corporate Job Vs Freelance
Now that I am working as a freelancer (for 5 years! and I am still surprised at myself how I am managing it). I am more conscious and aware of my finances and spending. Although I admit that there are still days when I felt like I could go crazy at spending (example when traveling), I always remind myself that I only have a few years to hustle and work, and time is my only resource. 
Unlike working in a corporate, I no longer get the usual salary every 15th or 30th of the month (or every 5th), and there are no longer 13th month and 14th month payments. There are months when I get more gigs and clients, and there are lean months too.

Invest in Your Future

I have to pay for my own insurance, health care plans, and SSS.  These “investments” mean nothing to me before when I made the decision to go freelance because I felt that I didn’t need these – because I was younger and able. I remember not making the most of my health care plan because I never got sick and I didn’t have to buy medicine. But adulting means thinking of your future and not just your adventures tomorrow. 

It is Okay to Splurge and Indulge, But Know Which Items You are Willing to Spend Money On
It helps to know your style and lifestyle – and going minimal just fits me perfectly. I think it is important to know the things that you are willing to spend on. Example, I am willing to spend on my comfort so I always book a car service, or a comfortable hotel when traveling; but I am no longer spending money on accessories, or knick knacks. I am also not into luxury items, but I go for quality gadgets and electronics. We all have different spending styles, and knowing what your preferences are, can help you manage your finances well. 

Always Pay Credit Cards on Time, in Full

I keep my credit cards current and I always pay on time, in full.  When you own a credit card, before swiping it and shopping, always think: can I pay for this item in cash? If you can’t, don’t swipe. Sorry honey, you can’t afford it. That’s the number 1 rule. 

If you choose to defer the payment and do installment plan, make sure that you have a steady source of income to pay for the monthly credit card bill.

One of my credit cards has been with me for more than a decade, and my good credit standing helps in the decision to increase my credit card limit (almost every year).  Here’s a tip, having a good credit card history can be beneficial to your future Visa applications, too. 

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Invest in Stocks Anytime, Anywhere through 2TradeAsia

Currently, I am exploring more options on how I can grow my money (and not just let them sit in a bank). My Php 10,000 in the bank would not have the same value 5 to 10 years from now. I admit that I am still cautious at investing on big business, instead I want to invest on things where I can have more control of it.

I recently got introduced to 2TradeAsia that allows you to buy stocks, invest and grow your money. It is a user-friendly app that even provides research and customer care services.

What I like about the 2TradeAsia app is that you can invest your money anytime, anywhere. One of the things that prevents me from strategically managing my current stock investment is that I have to go to the bank to sell or buy additional units for my stocks.

For 2TradeAsia, you can do it instantly via the app. There are trend reports and chart patterns that you can check to help you make decisions on when to buy at low price and sell at higher price. 

Investing in stocks in no longer for the rich, and you no loner need a broker to get started. 2TradeAsia even hosts FREE beginner-friendly seminar to get you started with stocks investing.
I am currently exploring the app and I love that I can invest even if I am traveling – all I need is my phone and wifi connection. So yes, I can buy stock units from businesses like  Jollibee, Robinson’s Land Corp, SSI Group and other emerging companies.

To register at 2TradeAsia:

1. Register at the sign up page.
2. Print and sign the application form and sent to the 2TradeAsia address.
3. Deposit the initial investment  (you can do fund transfer).
4. Send proof of deposit to [email protected]

You can check out the FAQs at

It is really simple and user-friendly.
If there is any tip that I want to share about investing in stocks, only put money you are willing to lose. 

Book your seminar now by messaging them on IG @2tradeasia or Facebook.

As usual, I hope you find this post helpful 😊
These lessons I learned because of the bad decisions.
I am still in my journey to add more digits in my assets and reach the ultimate goal.

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