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The Beginner’s Guide to a Minimalist Travel Wardrobe

July 8, 2019
The Beginner’s Guide to a Minimalist Travel Wardrobe
The concept of minimalism can be applied to many parts of our lives, from the way we approach waste to how we design our homes. As a frequent traveler, I always look for ways to cut down on what I take with me on my journeys. With less to carry around, there’s less to worry about, giving
you more time and energy to focus on what matters.

Clothing naturally takes up the most space in anyone’s travel luggage, so it would make sense so
start there. This is where the idea of a minimalist travel wardrobe comes in. Investing in a few key
pieces that are versatile and well-made means that you’ll always have a reliable, time-saving solution when it comes to packing your suitcase.
The Cycle to Avoid

So, you’ve made all your preparations for your next journey abroad, but one hellish beast stands in
the way: what to wear? “I don’t have anything suitable” is a common answer. The next step? You go
buy more clothes, of course. The result is a wardrobe filled with even more clothes, leaving you with
too many  choices.
So, what do you end up doing? You guessed it – thinking you have nothing to wear and heading out
to buy more clothes. Two things are happening here. Firstly, shopping out of frustration results in
you making bad choices. Secondly, having too many options makes it harder to make any choice at
What Makes Good Travel Clothes
The solution to the above problem involves starting a capsule wardrobe of clothing that meets the
following criteria: 
Neutral Colors: Graphics, logos, patterns and non-neutral colors all contribute to making a piece
more difficult to style with the rest of your clothes. Sticking to pieces that are plain, with neutral
tones such as white, black and gray, makes everything easier.
Versatility: Continuing on this, versatile pieces are key. Your summer dress might look beautiful and
effortless on a sunny day, but it’s not going to help when an unexpected stormfront hits your path
during your travels in Thailand.
Quality: This is meant to be a “buy it once and keep it forever” situation, so quality is important.
Since you’ll be buying a lower quantity of clothes, you’re free to invest in high quality pieces that will last a lifetime if taken care of.
Investment Pieces

You’ll want something that is comfortable, versatile and guaranteed to last through a few beatings,
also known as an investment piece. Of course, it would help if they also looked good enough that you can wear them no matter where you are, so don’t hesitate to splurge a little on something like a
pair of Gucci sneakers.Take a look at the designer retailer SSENSE, which houses a wide variety of high quality pieces from the world’s leading designers, including everything you need to start your minimalist travel wardrobe.
By focusing on versatility and quality over quantity, you’ll quickly realize j ust how few pieces of
clothing you need to travel. In fact, it can also help you build a smaller, better wardrobe for daily
wear at the same time, which is always great.
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