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September 22, 2019

How I Use Avene Thermal Spring Water

How I Use Avene Thermal Spring Water

When I first got introduced to Avene back in 2015, the brand has since become part of my beauty and skin care arsenal

Avene is a place in France where Sainte Odile Spring is located and the thermal spring water helps cure skin disorders. The same thermal spring water is present in the Avene Thermal Spring Water spray making it the most popular brand in France. 

Aven is known and recognized for its healing power, making it ideal for skin subject to eczema, psoriasis, ichthyosis, or dermatitis. Treating skin with Avène Thermal Spring Water helps reduce inflammation, relieve irritation, and speed healing. Avène Thermal Spring Water has many cosmetic properties. 

I brought Avene products on my recent trip

I am sharing with you how I use Avene Thermal Spring Water:

To manage skin irritation. I have this weird skin irritation at
my back that looks like backne. My back started drying and flaking during extremely cold or hot weather. When I travel to cold countries, I bring Avene Thermal Spring Water to moisturize the affected area and soothe itchiness. 

To moisturize my face. My derma recommended a spray mist for my face that I need to use after shower and before applying sunblock. I use Avene Thermal Spring Water which is much more affordable and comes in different sizes - allowing me to bring it anywhere I go. 

To set makeup. Although I rarely wear makeup, I do spray Avene Thermal Spring Water after doing my face to help my skin breathe and absorb moisture, keeping me feeling fresh even when wearing layers of makeup. I also use Avene Thermal Spring Water to wet my sponge or brush. 

To freshen up. During travels, I bring Avene Thermal Spring Water, especially when exploring other Southeast Asian Countries. The quick spray of the mist gives a refreshing feeling that also helps moisturize and protects the skin. 

Love travel-sized Avene products

Aside from the Themal Spring Spray, I have also used the following Avene products which helped me managed my breakouts Avene Cleanance Gel (soapless cleanser), Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Serum and Avene SPF 50+ Emulsion.

For more information about Avène Thermal Spring Water, you may visit www.eau-thermale-avene.ph of like @EauThermaleAvene.PH on Facebook and @Avenephilippines on Instagram.

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