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The Close-Up #FreetoLove Campaign Launch

November 28, 2019
The Close-Up #FreetoLove Event Launch
The Close-Up #FreetoLove Event Launch

Have you been in love? 
That was the subject of the invitation I received for the Close-Up #FreetoLove campaign launch. 
I confirmed my attendance, and said “yes”. 

Love is a beautiful feeling – and everyone should be free to love regardless of race, color, beliefs, social status, and age. Close-Up once again showcased different couples whose love stories have become inspiration for others. The #FreetoLove Campaign aims to just let love rule. 
I am lucky to be surrounded by love and loving people – and that is why I find it easy to give love (esp to those who matter to me). And I am talking not just about romantic love, but for friends, family and even to my work. I think it is nice to have someone or even a friend who would always choose you, and defend you, and be with you – dark days or fun times. 
The Close-Up #FreetoLove Event Launch
The Close-Up #FreetoLove Event Launch
One of the featured stories is that of Andi Eigenman who left her life in Manila, sold everything – to live a simple life in the island – where she found love. Her simple life is one of my dreams. You can also check out  Issa Pressman, Katz Salao, and EG Bautista who also make a stand for love.
The Close-Up #FreetoLove Event Launch
The Close-Up #FreetoLove Event Launch
The Close-Up Free to Love event launch was held at the Maybank Theater in BGC where it showcased colorful mural by Jappy Agoncillo.  Each highlighting barrier to the relationship and celebrating how Filipino couples overcome these differences. 
The #FreetoLove campaign continues to empower everyone to get close and choose love, hoping to create a more accepting and respectful world. 
I love that I get to see my loves during the event. What not to love?
The Close-Up #FreetoLove Event Launch
with Tina Villa and Kat Catapusan
The Close-Up #FreetoLove Event Launch
Gus Villa, Ruth dela Cruz and Louie Gabarda
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