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Trying Out the Dual Screen Laptop of ASUS: The Zenbook Duo

November 27, 2019
ASUS: Zenbook Duo Philippines Review

Trying Out the Dual Screen Laptop by ASUS: Zenbook Duo

Technology has its funny way of saving me from simple life’s stresses and here I am today, crafting a blog using ASUS’ newest laptop – the Zenbook Duo with Dual Screen. 
ASUS has launched several innovative laptops and I am lucky to get the chance to try out the ASUS Zenbook Duo UX481. A laptop with dual screens that I think works best for video editing and digital artwork.  I shared a live unboxing video of it in my Facebook Page.

You can watch the replay of my LIVE UNBOXING below:

I don’t want to be too technical about the specs of this new amazing laptop – but at the first glace, you already know that it is not any ordinary laptop. 
The ASUS Zenbook Duo features a full-width ASUS ScreenPad Plus that works seamlessly with the main display. The ScreenPad Plus is a 12.6 inch secondary touchscreen panel that actually works like an extension of the laptop monitor – giving you a different viewing experience.

Sleek and compact perfect for mobile individuals

What’s on your task bar?
The ASUS Zenbook Duo features face recognition / IR camera for easy log in
But larger viewing is not all that it offers. I got to play with the new ASUS Zenfone Duo and I love that it fits right into my needs. 
The ScreenPad Plus allows me to “park” active windows and apps on the laptop. The initial thought would be – it is perfect for multitaskers – and yes it is! One can easily switch on tasks and apps. 
I can easily change active tasks with a quick swipe and flick 
As for me who changed my work habits {I used to be a multitasker} and try to focus on one particular task at hand.  I use the ScreenPad Plus to park my active windows and anything I have been working on. 
I keep my Netflix Window parked right to my blog site’s. I am currently watching The Crown and I do a reward system for myself. It means, finishing a task first before watching 1 episode. Seeing it on my ScreenPad Plus helps me stay motivated. While looking at my blog site keeps me stay focused. On the right side, I keep my inbox. I am currently monitoring and waiting for an update from the customs officer regarding a shipment – and it helps to keep it active on the ScreenPad Plus for me to see updates immediately.  
During times when I have to multi-task to make use of my time {example, window shopping my favorite online stores while waiting for photos to upload}, I also keep the windows and apps on my ScreenPad Plus. 
The beauty of this feature is that I can change my windows and apps anytime – or even expand it. With just a simple flick, I can change active windows on the monitor screen. 
The ScreenPad Plus is touchscreen which is very convenient for me when I need to sign documents. My current laptop has a touchscreen monitor but I oftentimes need to convert it to tablet for me to sign legibly.
That’s the Ruth Font
With the ASUS Zenbook Duo with ScreenPad Plus, I can easily sign anything as if I am writing on a paper.  This feature fits perfectly for digital artists as the screen also gives very vibrant color and display. I read that it is Pantone validated ensuring it delivers accurate colors {I actually noticed when I watched FRIENDS!}.

One of the things I love about the ASUS Zenbook Duo and the ScreenPad Plus feature is how it makes video editing a lot more easier. If you are familiar with a video editing app, you would know how Preview mode covers the whole screen monitor. 
I love that the ASUS Zenbook Duo gives me space for my Video Timeline, while the main monitor serves as a space for the bin and preview. I am so excited to finish my Disney Sea vlog using this laptop. 
I love that I get an “extra screen” for my video timeline
I can easily make changes to the video while it is on Preview mode. 
This is how the video editing app appears on the Asus Zenbook Duo
When all the work is done, I can slide the Netflix window back to the main monitor. You can see from the photo below that both the monitor and ScreenPad Plus are connected. The screen flows like fluid!
The ASUS Zenbook Duo has a really sleek and minimalist design in Celestial Blue color which signifies timelessness and sophistication. It doesn’t lay flat, but rather angled to give good angle to the hands while typing, and to allow the machine to “breathe”.

Just the perfect angle for typing and allowing the machine to breathe
I love that the keyboard has back light which works perfectly when I am working at night, or when in the dark environment. The chiclet-style design of keys allows for more comfortable typing. 
Simple life pleasure: working and typing using a new laptop!
So far I am enjoying working with the ASUS Zenbook Duo as it gives endless ways to optimize productivity and personalize my workflow. Once again, I am presented with something I never thought I would need. But when something helps you become more productive and motivated, you just simply want it!!
Celestial Blue 
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