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5 Gifts You Didn’t Know You Need This Holiday Season

December 8, 2019
5 Gifts You Didn't Know You Need This Holiday Season
No matter how good or bad (our choices are this year), we all deserve the good things in life that would help us with life stresses as we welcome the new year. 
If you are still thinking of what to add in your wishlist, or give to your friends and family, I have listed down 5 things you didn’t know you need, but you would sure want to receive this Holiday Season.

1. Beach Born Products
For friends or family members who are just starting to embrace eco-friendly products (the first step is always a good start), you can check out Beach Born. From lip balm, to hair spray, shampoo bars, extracts and all-purpose cleanser, Beach Born you can find something that is perfect for your friend / family member who loves to travel, or a home buddy. 
Beach Born All Purpose Cleanser
I have tried Beach Born’s All-Purpose Cleanser and it does wonder to my white leather sneakers. It is always tricky to clean a white shoes because it usually turns yellow after washing if you don’t use the right cleanser. All you need is a drop of Beach Born All-Purpose Cleanser and cloth to wipe and clean your white shoes – or just anything. 
Beach Born All Purpose Cleanser
Check out Beach Born and its minimalist Holiday Boxes. 

2. Tesalate Sand – Free Towel

After the Holidays, we all prepare for the next big season – summer. One of the things we need to worry less about going to the beach (aside from protecting our skin from sun damage), is ensuring that our stuff remain sand-free as we enjoy a good book and a glass of Pina Coloda. 
Tesalate Sand - Free Towel
Consider buying your beach buddy or yoga mate a Tesalate towel. 
Tesalate Sand - Free Towel
Tesalate is an innovative sand-free towel from Australia that is both fashionable and functional. There are so many fun and cute prints to choose from in 2 sizes – single and double. Tesalate vibrant beach towels are made with AbsorbLite™  fabric.  Apart from repelling sand, it rapidly dries compared to regular ones, yet it can absorb at least 1 (33 oz.) liter of water. It’s also compact and light. It is perfect for yoga, picnic and outdoor activities.  You can check out the designs and order from this site
3. Books for Kids
I find it tricky to find the perfect gifts to kids. I always prefer to give kids a book which helps develop the discipline of reading and appreciating books. 
I recently discovered that carries books for children from 4 to 12 years old. For Christmas, they are running a seasonal promo of buy-one-get-one on books if you use the discount code L4JPASKO2019 before you check out. And you would want to buy a lot because the more you buy, the bigger your contribution to the “One Million Books for One Million Filipino
Children” campaign. Their goal is to send books to children in all corners of the Philippines particularly communities visited by horrific calamities, both natural (such as Typhoon Yolanda) and caused by man (like the armed conflict in Zamboanga). To date, they have given away more than 250,000 books to the underprivileged.
Looking for Juan Books
“BenCab’s Activity Book for Children” is an early introduction to the works of National Artist for Painting, Benedicto Cabrera through coloring, writing, and spot-the-difference activities, finger puppet and paper doll dress up.
“Sino si Juan” takes the child on a discovery of what it means to be a Filipino through coloring pages, word games, puzzles, and more. These are just two of a handful. For every purchase of an activity book, two copies will be donated to their cause.
Their line up of story books is unique and very impressive. Multi-awarded writer, Butch Dalisay’s “Why Words Matter” is the latest addition to the collection. His reflection is complemented by the uniquely lyrical art of Marcel Antonio. “Nadia and the Blue Stars” is a tale of hope and has been used for psychosocial therapy to help children who
were forced to flee their homes, either by man-made conflict or by natural calamities, to deal with the trauma of their displacements. “Ang Aklatang Pusa” was written by Palanca Hall of Famer Eugene Evasco with artworks by award- winning painter and sculptor, Jared Yokte.
“RizalPabeto” was published in celebration of Rizal’s 150th birth anniversary. Award-winning poet, fictionist, playwright, and essayist Vim Nadera wrote poems about Rizal, one for every letter in the alphabet, which are interpreted by prominent contemporary painter, Elmer Borlongan in the tradition of letras y figuras.
Looking for Juan Books
For the not-so-young ones, merchandise infused with art images of some of the best Filipino artists can be purchased. You will find art cards, journals, fans, notepads, art magnets, limited edition art prints, and stickers. Eco- friendly upcycled tote bags are also for sale. Requests for customized items for corporate gifts can be accommodated too.
4. Ticket to Your Favorite Experience
When you searched from Kirs Kringle Ideas, you might have probably came across my article that was published in WheninManila. One of the things I listed down in the article (8 years ago!) was something that you can use after a year (it could be a ticket or a subscription). 
If you are thinking of what to add on your list, consider items or “experiences” that you would love to avail. It could be a membership to a beauty site or a ticket to your favorite band’s concert.
 5. Asus Zenbook Duo
Next year, you deserve only the best things in life. The best experiences, the best gadgets and the best moments – that would help you achieve the bigger goals.  A new laptop may seem like a big purchase – but if this big purchase can change your life, it is worth every cent that you will spend – especially if it comes with free items like Fuji Film Instax Camera and other freebies from Asus Philippines. 
ASUS Zenbook Duo UX481perfectly fits every style and lifestyle If you are a fashionita who loves sleek and compact items, you would fall in love with its design. If you are a gamer, you would find the dual-screen design perfect for easy battling and navigating. This also works best for digital artists and video editors. 
It is compact and light-weight compared to traditional laptops, that makes it perfect for travels and mobility – ensuring more productivity and ease on use. 
You can read the full review of the Asus Zenbook Duo.  I enjoyed working with the ASUS Zenbook Duo as it gives endless ways to optimize productivity and personalize my workflow. Once again, I am presented with something I never thought I would need. But when something helps you become more productive and motivated, you just simply want it!!
I am definetly putting a new Asus Zenbook Duo on top of my Holiday Wish List. 
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