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Dear 2019

December 31, 2019

Dear 2019, 

This is not a year-end essay entry, or maybe it is. Somehow, I felt the need to drag myself into my room, open my laptop and type an entry for today’s blog. I can still be a little sentimental and I want something to read back to with date stamped December 31, 2019. 

When I started this blog (I had an original personal blog I started in 2003), I didn’t realize that blogging (and social media) would be this big. It didn’t occur to me that blogging would soon become my career. I remember making a decision to attend my first blog event (I wanted to just stay an anonymous blogger but I welcomed growth). Ten years after, I am still here – sharing stories, improving my craft and growing as an individual. I am so thankful. 

I hope I will not get tired of writing, while I continuously learn how to tell stories. 
While inspiration doesn’t always equate to actions, I am thankful for the drive I felt to really want something. 

When 2019 started, I was surrounded by clouds of negative thoughts/feelings. I always know I am a positive person. But I realized that when you feel something negative, it is good to allow yourself to feel it – and process your feelings. I always pray for peace. I am thankful for friends/people who were with me just when I was not winning. And I am thankful for the challenges and defeats that allowed me to grow and strengthen my faith. God is always good. I feel so blessed in so many ways. 

This year changed me in so many ways. I just knew. 

Tonight, I am ready to write down my goals for 2020. 
I am excited about new life surprises and opportunities while discovering more of myself. 

– Ruth
Life is indeed not about the numbers – not the age, digits in the bank account,  number of likes, or miles we have traveled. It is the little moments that give us happiness, and the little decisions we make everyday that change us.
Thankful to keep my favorite people (family and friends) in my life, and I pray for them to stay healthy and happy in the coming years. 
Grateful for allowing me to share my life here. 
Happy New Year y’all! 
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