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The Letter I Wrote Myself Last Year + Goal Setting for 2019

January 1, 2019
The Letter I Wrote Myself Last Year + Goal Setting for 2019
The Letter I Wrote Myself Last Year + Goal Setting for 2019

How did you guys celebrate new year? 
Just when I thought I was all set to welcome 2019 (I already did my annual decluttering of my room, inbox and storage), here is my life’s biggest plot twist: my phone died on me a few hours before we welcomed the new year. 

It just went black with blinking light on the side. My phone is the remote control of my life  I do most of the stuff with my phone. I was shocked. But I didn’t feel that bad. I just thought, I am okay to lose material things than to lose the people I care about. 
So I just welcomed 2019 with so much hope and enthusiasm. 
I woke up on January 1, 2019 and the first thing that I did was to grab my phone. Ah, I remember it has died on me. It made me realized that maybe, it was dying little by little because I dropped it too many times before. 
The Letter I Wrote Myself Last Year + Goal Setting for 2019
Life Lesson: we lose things that are important to us if we don’t hold them tightly; same goes with people.  😥
Anyway, so every year, I write myself a letter and  I read it at the end of the year. It is the time to read the letter I made last December 2017 and I thought I would share it with you. 

Dear Ruth, 
You are living the life that you wanted a few years ago. What is next for you now? – 

It was short and simple. I felt like I didn’t give much thought on it. I always let the future surprise me. And life did surprise me with opportunities and happiness – but I found myself in a crossroad wherein I need to choose paths and make a big decision that would change my life forever. I felt lost. 
This year, I spent the first day of the year setting my goals. I realized that in the previous year, I haven’t really set anything and I just live by my mantra: What Ruth Wants, Ruth Gets.  ✌️
I want to be more focused on the things that I want to achieve in my life – financially, physically, spiritually, career-wise and relationships (family, friends, partners). I listed down the little things I need to make to achieve those goals, the timeline and the deadlines. It is the little decisions that we make everyday that would change our lives. 
The year 2018 has been great because of the people I got to share my experiences and little wins with. I know that at some point I have unknowingly hurt some people who are dear to me, and I am sorry (I was spoiled by their love).  💓  I left all my heartaches and disappointments last year – and I am taking all the lessons with me. Thank you to all the wonderful friends, PRs, brands, readers and family who always trust and believe in what I do. 
I am looking forward to the awesome opportunities and challenges as I strive to be a better person (and blogger) – and to leave value in every life and space. 
Happy New Year! Thank you for sticking around and for reading my blog!
I wish you all LOVE, PEACE and LAUGHTER in 2019! 🎆

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