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Work and Play at Home with LG XBoom

June 19, 2020
Work and Play at Home with LG XBoom

As we slowly transition into a new normal, the call to stay at home has become more important than ever. By staying in, you get to keep you and your family safe from any pathogens and bacteria floating around as well as avoid hellish Manila traffic which wastes time and money. Even with the pandemic aside, the convenience of working from home, in this inter-connected world, is simply more efficient and productive for all stakeholders. 

Working from home, however, comes with its own share of challenges. The concept of being cooped up indoors for an extended amount of time is a proposition foreign to many people. The possibility of burning out is very real. That’s why in this new normal, one has to adapt and change one’s lifestyle accordingly by embracing technological innovations that help you live your life to the fullest.
With LG’s XBoom line of portable speakers, staying at home is made easier. You don’t really feel being “locked in” when you have the XBoom as an intelligent companion for work, relaxation, gaming, exercise, listening to music, and so on.

Working from home with the compact Xboom Go PK5, for instance, ensures that you don’t have to settle with your laptop’s onboard speakers. Meridian’s premium tuning in the XBoom Go work in synergy to give you a clean, crisp, quality sound in all of your online meetings and webinars. Once work’s done, you can chill, relax, and listen to your favorite tunes at the comfort of your own home. The LG XBoom RL4 is outfitted with powerful Dual Action Bass that amplifies low frequencies for bolder and more powerful beats that will keep the vibe going, whether you’re just lounging or revving yourself up with an intense workout. Dual Tweeters located to the side of each woofer deliver high tones with remarkable clarity and precision, making sure you never miss a beat. If gaming is your gateway to relaxation, Enhanced Bass adds greater depth to your sound for a more immersive audio experience. Clear Vocal fine-tunes the high tones for crisper sound at an enjoyable volume.

Work and Play at Home with LG XBoom

If planting yourself in front of a widescreen is your idea of relaxation, you can immerse yourself in a completely theatric environment with LG’s wide range of soundbars. LG partnered with Meridian Technology, pioneers of High-Resolution Audio, to combine advanced signal processing and refined hardware design. The result is an expanded soundstage with greater height, width and depth which provides an all-encompassing sound and uncompromising performance. Dolby Atmos® envelops you in sound. Originally created for the cinema, Dolby Atmos pairs with up-firing height channels so you hear every note, every sound and every word in stunning clarity.

For budding YouTubers and social media stars, LG’s XBoom One Body RK7 is perfect for dancing the night away and making your home your own stage. LG’s One Body line lets you unleash your creativity with a bevy of features. With Karaoke Star, you can sing to your heart’s content with just a push of a button – vocals can be suppressed from almost any track and source. 18 different Vocal Effects are also built-in, making each song you sing even better. If you want to dance or create your own disco hits, the LG XBoom has the Pro DJ feature. Just turn the jog wheel for scratching and add other various sound effects as well as looping specific part of the track by simply pushing a button.

 Work and Play at Home with LG XBoom

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcibly changing everyone’s lifestyles, adaptability is key. We have to face the new normal and all the baggage that comes with it. The cramped cinemas, gaming cafes, or even co-working spaces will probably become a relic of the past. By embracing dual-purpose innovations that let you enjoy things at the comfort of your own home, such as LG’s XBoom speakers, one takes a step in the right direction of a post-pandemic world.

*This post is in partnership with LG Philippines. 

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