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November 19, 2020

Safety Travel Tips for the New Normal

Safety Travel Tips for the New Normal

It's been a while the last time I really write. Travel is the topic I really enjoy writing about in this blog; and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, travel or any movement was put into halt. But even if I am not writing or blogging, I found myself a new way to express myself, my art and my thoughts through other medium (like Livestreaming and videos) where I also talk about (my) travels. 

Just a few days ago, I shared with my viewers my travel to Samar where I first tried spelunking. It was one of my memorable travels - and I am so glad I did it. 

Ruth dela Cruz
Photo from my first camping experience in Palawan

My travel memories seem like ages ago as social media reminded me of places I have visited, and people I traveled with.  I have some fancy winter boots, warm clothing, and travel essentials looking at me as I spend most of my days in my room during the lockdown. My travel plans were cancelled this year, and there is an expired visa that would only serve as an unstamped souvenir. It is funny to think that I missed travel in its simplest form - getting from Point A to B - a stroll around the mall, a visit to a friend's house, or even doing grocery. 

I always say yes to adventures, but after being stuck in my room for months, I oftentimes wish I were a bit more adventurous and visited more places. I pray I am still energetic and able when the time comes that I could board (or jump off) the plane again. 😉

Ruth dela Cruz
En route to Myanmar

12-hour stopover in Singapore

As we started to move again (and hopefully travel to places), I want to share tips on how we can stay safe in our daily travels.

Daily Errands and Commutes

Travel Club Sale

Now that the government is easing up the lockdown, we must take extra precautions as responsible citizens. 

1. Always wear a mask and face shield whenever you are going out of your home. It is a requirement for private car services and malls that passengers/mall-goers wear mask and full face shield. I would advice that you use a washable face mask, and always sanitize your face shield with alcohol. 

I find it weird that some people can go out without mask, and act as if there is no pandemic. But just like what health organizations say, let's act as if we are the ones who are infected. Wear a mask, always. 

2.  Go cashless. I mostly do my shopping online (it saves me time and energy especially if I am buying heavy items/essentials like detergent powder). But if there is a need to go out, do cashless transaction. I use PayMaya and GCash payment. Always wash your hands with soap and water after handling money. 

3. Always bring essentials. Flaunt your Tita Kit! Alcohol and wipes are a must!

4.  Limit your contact and use of public spaces. Always looking for the toilet? Yes, that's me. In the new normal, I make sure I use the toilet at home before leaving, and not use public toilets (in church and malls).  

5. Load up on vitamins and get 8 hours of sleep. It is always good to boost our immune system. I always share how important 8 hours of sleep is for me. Although I still indulge myself with some chips and sweets, I make sure I eat healthy and take vitamins. 

6. Take a bath, before interacting with people at home. Whenever I get home, I make sure I do not interact with my parents and I go straight to my room - where I immediately sanitize and disinfect, then take a bath. It is one of my way of protecting my loved ones. 

Car / Land Travel 

Ruth dela Cruz Safety Travel Tips for the New Normal
Stopover for a photo :D

I missed road trips! But I still have to turn down a few invitations for adventure because I am living with seniors and toddler. For those who are planning to go on one, a private car is always a good idea. Here are a few tips that I want to share: 

1. Pack face masks, wipes and disinfectant sprays that you can use during the trip. 

2. Prepare food and drinks you can bring in your trip. Or opt for drive-through restaurants if you wish to take out food. 

3. Make sure to wash hands with soap and water after using public toilet, or going for a stopover. 

4. Do your research if your destination requires health certificates or travel clearance. 

Air Travel

Ruth dela Cruz Safety Travel Tips for the New NormalRuth dela Cruz Safety Travel Tips for the New Normal
That flight to Greece!!!

Funny how I think that airport photos are very iconic now. If you are flying anytime soon, I am so happy for you. Here are some tips which I hope you find helpful. 

1. Secure health certificate before flight. I have friends who have already flew locally and internationally, and they were required to secure health certificate from their municipality. Make sure to do research before booking a flight. 

2. Always keep masks on, but you may be asked to adjust for immigration requirements and identification. 

3. Bring alcohol in your hand-carried bag. Travelers are now allowed to bring up to 12 ounces (about 350 milliliters) of alcohol. This is per TSA and should be taken out for screening.

4. Read and research about your destination country's health and immigration requirements. It is always good to be prepared when going to a war. 

Travel Essentials

Planning for a travel (soon)? This is the perfect time to invest in your travel essentials. I already have built my travel essentials, but I also took advantage of The Travel Club Sale. 

I always invest in items and pieces that can last me for years and can really protect me whenever I am traveling. I do not want to worry about broken luggage or losing one, or even pick-pockets. I want to focus on the joy of discovering and being in the moment. 

Travelon Ruth dela Cruz Safety Travel Tips for the New Normal
I always travel with an anti-theft bag, and I discovered Travelon in The Travel Club which I can use for my everyday errand. It is just the perfect size for keeping my mobile phone, alcohol and other essentials. 

Travelon Ruth dela Cruz Safety Travel Tips for the New Normal
This Travelon sling bag has safety features and has an RFID blocking features which also protects my credit card information. 

Travelon Ruth dela Cruz Safety Travel Tips for the New Normal
It has credit card slots and secret pockets. 

Wandersky Ruth dela Cruz Safety Travel Tips for the New Normal
WanderSky is my favorite brand for Luggage Covers. 
I got myself a very masculine design called "Gentleman". 

Wandersky Ruth dela Cruz Safety Travel Tips for the New Normal
My mom saw me, and she teased me saying I am dressing up my luggage. 😂 

Wandersky Ruth dela Cruz Safety Travel Tips for the New Normal
I think Luggage Covers are essential now in keeping our luggage protected - against theft and COVID-19. It is easier to wash and disinfect vs cleaning the actual luggage. 

Wandersky Ruth dela Cruz Safety Travel Tips for the New Normal
I love that I got a new flip flops from FitFlop! I rarely get my size, so happy to get this pair. 

Wandersky Ruth dela Cruz Safety Travel Tips for the New Normal
This FitFlop pair would be perfect for a beach stroll, or even quick errands to the grocery. It is so soft and comfortable. I missed endless walks and strolls.

Backjoy  Ruth dela Cruz Safety Travel Tips for the New Normal
Although I am staying positive that we would all get to travel soon, I want to make sure  that I am comfortable and continuously improving at home. I got myself a BackJoy Seat. 

Backjoy  Ruth dela Cruz Safety Travel Tips for the New Normal
Black to match my current work chair. 

Backjoy  Ruth dela Cruz Safety Travel Tips for the New NormalBackjoy  Ruth dela Cruz Safety Travel Tips for the New Normal
It helps me keep my posture and ease backpain while stay in my room
and drown myself in the feeling of nostalgia. 

I hope you find this post helpful. 
Please share the love, and share this post. 
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