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Worry-Free Staycation in RedDoorz Hotels with HygienePass

December 22, 2020
Ruth dela Cruz

Worry-Free Staycation in RedDoorz Hotels with HygienePass 

My room has become my sanctuary, but I admit that I have been itching to travel and escape. We all need a change of environment to re-charge and be ready to face everyday challenges again. 

It is good that the hospitality industry is starting to recover and introduce safe ways to travel amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Southeast Asia’s fastest growing hotel management chain, RedDoorz, has made sure of a new clean promise for every Filipino with HygienePass certified hotels. 

Launched last July 2020, RedDoorz has now acquired more than a hundred budget hotels across the Philippines that have the HygienePass certification. These establishments are keeping a close monitoring of the health of all their hotel staff and guests, actively maintaining physical sanitation of the hotels’ premises, and are now accepting bookings from local travelers. 

You guys can check out the video to know more about the HygienePass:

What is HygienePass and Why is It Important?


It means that RedDoorz has a digital system in place where rigorous hygiene and sanitation protocols are being implemented to keep every FIlipino worry-free and risk-free during the whole duration of their leisure travels.  

Dr. Renzo Guinto, MD., DrPh, HygienePass’ Consultant and one of the prominent public health physicians in the country has supported RedDoorz not only through the certification process but also in pushing HygienePass as a travel must-have in the Philippines.  

“It’s very interesting to see how RedDoorz, a brand known in the affordable hotels category, is becoming the largest new-age hospitality company today. With the efforts they have put through with this programme for the past six months and how we’ve been keeping an eye on the Filipinos’ conscious health and safety requirements, HygienePass is the real deal as it brings out the new clean promise of the new normal era… I can assure you that we’ve seen how it shifted to being one of the top travel must-haves!” Dr. Guinto said. 

Since local tourism has been opened in selected areas like Batangas, Baguio, and Palawan, RedDoorz also provides enjoyable stays in these areas because of the new clean promise that is assured by the HygienePass certification. 

Other hotels in key cities and destinations that have been HygienePass certified are in Metro Manila, Laguna, Cebu, Davao, Gensan, and Pampanga. All these hotels that have passed the certification will have the HygienePass logo sealed in their profiles which can be easily seen in the RedDoorz application.  

 Now that the government is now pushing for the revival of tourism in the country, by reopening selected areas, more and more travelers are looking for safe spaces amid the COVID-19. Miguel Capistrano III, Country Manager for RedDoorz Philippines, commented: 

“Being one of the budget hotel brands that has the most locations around the country, providing a safe haven for local travelers where they can leave their worries outside the hotel is our top priority. Through HygienePass, we can help in revitalizing the hotel and travel industry as we move forward together.” 

Worry-Free Staycation in RedDoorz Hotels with HygienePass

I personally feel comfortable and safe to know that there are affordable RedDoorz hotels that I can book that ensures the safety of the guests and its hotel employees. 

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 You may find the HygienePass certified hotels on the RedDoorz app. 

Get it on Google Play and Apple Store. 


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