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Working Out After the Holidays + Tesalate Anti-Bacterial Workout Towels Review

December 29, 2020
Tesalate Anti-Bacterial Workout Towels Review

Working Out After the Holidays + Tesalate Anti-Bacterial Workout Towels Review
Sitting is the new smoking. It is bad for our health, posture and overall wellness – whether you are watching TV/netflix, or working in front of a computer. 
What is worst, the prevalence of Diabetes in the Philippines is increasing because of the pandemic. Add that it is the holiday season, we found ourselves with more sweets to indulge in. 

A few months ago, Boehringer Ingelheim (Philippines), Inc., spearheaded the For Your SweetHeart campaign which urges Filipinos to get moving and exercise amid home quarantine with an activity dubbed as “Healthy Heart At Home,” an online fitness class conducted by top fitness coaches Jim and Toni Saret. 
According to International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and World Health Organization (WHO) Multinational Study of Vascular Disease in Diabetes, in 2020 alone, nearly 4 million Filipinos are afflicted with diabetes and one of its long-term complication is cardiovascular disease. This accounts to 52 percent of deaths among people with Type 2 diabetes
The low impact routines and exercises can be done at home, even when you are sitting. These are the exercises I do whenever I am pressed with time. It is easy to follow and targets different parts of the body. 
Working Out After the Holidays + Tesalate Anti-Bacterial Workout Towels Review
All the holiday fat I accumulated over the years!
The most important thing is to keep the body moving and heart healthy. 
When I have the time for a more serious workout,  I make sure that I wear proper workout clothes. This helps me move freely especially when doing Barre or Yoga. 
Now, here is the reason I am excited more about working out. It may sound funny, but here I am blogging how excited I am about towels. If you are receiving a Tesalate Towel this holiday season, you have every reason to be ecstatic. 
The world probably fell in love with Tesalate Beach Towel. There is no exaggeration here. I personally brought the Tesalate Beach Towel to my beach trip and it shakes off sand easily. It is quick – drying and easy to carry around. 
Tesalate Anti-Bacterial Workout Towels Review
Torn between these two prints!
 Adding to my workout essential is the new Tesalate Workout Towel. The new Tesalate Workout Towel is another smart towel with its innovative odor-free and anti-bacterial features. 
The material itself is special and you would know just by feeling it. Tesalate towels are made of premium and exclusive fabric. It is made of patent-pending technology to engineer a safe antimicrobial additive into the core of the fabric that provides bacteria-killing towel. 

Tesalate Anti-Bacterial Workout Towels Review

Loop to conveniently hang on a hook

I love that it is lightweight and comes in a practical size. I can fold and fit it in my bag, or bring conveniently to my travels. It has a double-sided print – one side you can use to wipe sweat, and the other side to wipe equipment.  Personally, I just use it at home workouts (because I still don’t feel comfortable to go outside due to the COVID-19 pandemic). 

Tesalate Anti-Bacterial Workout Towels Review

Double-sided print

The Tesalate Workout Towels come in different prints – perfect for different style and personality. I got one in Hot Stripes (black and gray print for that minimal look), and Cassandra (multi-colored patterns that don’t look too feminine, yet still rocking!) which I am giving away to my Instagram followers (so make sure to follow @ruthilicious)
It makes working out – or should I say, taking breaks during workouts, a lot more convenient, as the Tesalate Workout Towel wipes out sweat easily. 
Do you think giving towels this holiday season is corny? Well, it is practical and smart if you got it from Tesalate. You can buy one here
Tesalate Anti-Bacterial Workout Towels Review
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Small progress is still a progress. That is the little reminder I am telling myself everyday. 
So even if I only have 10 minutes to workout and stretch, I would take it.  Aside from keeping my body moving, I also need to go back to my IF (that is, I start eating at 12:00 noon, and stop at 8:00 pm)
The biggest challenge everyday is committing to myself and self-discipline. 
How are you getting back to working out again after the holidays? 

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