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Excited for #GlobeBLACKPINK Reinvented Concert Experience

January 29, 2021
Don’t blink, because we are counting down the days (or hours) to the much awaited BLACKPINK’s The Show first ever livestream concert slated to go on air on January 31, 2021 at 2:00 PM (KST). 
Watch #GlobeBlackPink Reinvented Concert Experience

It is indeed a wonderful world living in this digital era, and with brand like Globe to bring world-class connectivity and entertainment into its customers’ homes, with the launch of its newest campaign with global K-Pop group, BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK is one of the groups that I admire for their talent and passion. Watching the BLACKPINK’s documentary in @netflixph made me get to know the girls as an individual. Their story inspires more people, like me to embrace challenges and re-invent ourselves, with a reminder to stay true to our identity through self-expression.  
You guys can buy BLACKPINK Merch here.
BLACKPINK’s story somehow resonated with my own. I continuously re-invent myself as a content creator. From written self expression, to live streaming; I embraced changes and challenges to be better at what I do and to add value to the people I get to work with. And yes, I felt kind of *kilig* when one of the viewers said Rosé reminded her of me. 🥰

Watch #GlobeBlackPink Reinvented Concert Experience
Although it is far to happen for me to be singing and rocking the stage like Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa, I got my own reinvented experience in my own little world. 
How about you? Have you also felt inspired by BLACKPINK’s journey?

To make the BLINKS feel more connected to BLACKPINK, Globe gave away 1000 The Show tickets to BLINKS, which allowed fans to get membership access to the concert during a livestream event last January 22.  Just a blink of an eye, and the story trended on social media with the BLINKS pouring out their love and appreciation for the telco’s gesture.
This coming January 31, 2021, BLACK PINK and Globe will make new history for the reinvented concert experience as the YG Palm Stage: 2021 Blackpink The Show will be their first ever livestream concert. 
Mark your calendar, BLINKs! 
Watch #GlobeBlackPink Reinvented Concert Experience
I am sharing with you helpful links on how and where to watch the reinvented concert experience: YG Palm Stage: 2021 Blackpink The Show 
[Purchase Link]
[YouTube Channel Link]
Make sure that you follow Globe’s official page and the Kmmunity PH page on Facebook, or
visit BLACKPINK’s official YouTube Channel for more information about the concert and
how to get membership access. 

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