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VeMoBro: New Online Shopping Platform + Review

January 28, 2021

VeMoBro: New E-Commerce Online Shopping Platform  Review

Are you ready for a new online shopping platfrom?

VeMoBro, a homegrown e-commerce platform, officially joins the country’s e-commerce sector, guaranteeing businesses and customers convenience and efficiency to deliver today’s “new essentials” with speed.

I got the awesome opportunity to attend the launch virtually last January 27, 2021. The launch is timely as Filipino consumers need more e-commerce options. The all-Filipino brand puts emphasis on providing superior services to both online customers and sellers through its unique take on digital shopping and on the most critical aspect of e-commerce, which is logistics. VeMoBro also commits itself to empowering Filipino retailers of all sizes, with focus on micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

VeMoBro: New E-Commerce Online Shopping Platform  Review

Worry-free shopping with leveled-up shipping

One of the things that is highlighted during the launch is the brand’s awareness of the proliferation of fake products and online scams; and VeMoBro ensures the legitimacy of the products on its marketplace to protect both consumers and sellers. VeMoBro adopts fail-safe features to filter out fake sellers and implements a system that regulates and ensures accurate, easy-to-read product descriptions to deliver peace of mind while shopping.

VeMoBro Founder and CEO Engr. Vergil Bargola says,

 “VeMoBro’s utmost mission is to create a platform that puts high value on consumer trust. By carefully filtering out, investing in and supporting legitimate sellers, we assure our customers that our platform does not only attend to their essential needs but also provides a safe e-commerce space.”

The platform offers a wide array of “new essentials” comprising food and grocery items, home essentials, tech gadgets and accessories, and automotive products. VeMoBro’s easy-to-use and clutter-free digital platform lets customers track their purchases in real-time. 

With its strong logistics system, VeMoBro guarantees a standard 48-hour delivery, putting it ahead of the competition. Customers may even opt for same-day delivery with just a simple scroll and click with VeMoBro’s wide range of partner delivery service providers. 

VeMoBro: New E-Commerce Online Shopping Platform  Review

Moreover, VeMoBro’s flexible payment method provides customer with several payment options. They can opt for cash-on-delivery, online banking or e-wallet payment through GCash, GrabPay, and Dragonpay. 

Another thing that sets VeMoBro’s platform apart is its campaign for fair use between customers and sellers. Both parties in the transaction can rate each other on the site.  VeMoBro’s platform encourages sellers to appeal and report faulty product reviews. Additionally, sellers can give reviews of customers so other merchants can be made aware of fraudulent customers or transactions.

E-commerce with the local community at its core

VeMoBro was created with the local community’s needs at its core. As the Philippine economy rebounds from the pandemic, VeMoBro aims to empower local entrepreneurs by providing them with a platform where they can grow their business.

For those who are interested to sell at VeMoBro, the platform provides merchants with a seamless onboarding system, enhanced delivery service and efficient customer service. Moreover, business owners can navigate the VeMoBro site smoothly while selling products, managing inventories and getting sales analysis reports right at their fingertips. 

It is good that more platforms are available for small business owners to promote their products and be seen by a wider market and audience. 

My VeMoBro Experience + Review

Being an online seller and buyer for years, I am excited to explore what VeMoBro has to offer. The platform has a very easy navigation design and clean dashboard. It shows all the available products and categories which you can click for more details. The items have specific descriptions, delivery timeline and price (discounts are also specified). 

For a newly launched app, VeMoBro has a variety of goods and products available in its platform – from essentials like vegetables and frozen goods, to electronics and consumer goods.

Updated 2/9/2021: I have a pleasant experience using and shopping at VeMoBro. Navigation is easy and the layout is clean. 

I bought items from the Essentials tab (mostly frozen goods and grocery items). I love that the address fields are designed with drop-down menu that ensures accurate address record and delivery (it is as if I am shopping at a US based site). There are even specific fields for zip code and brgy number. 

For a newly launched app, VeMoBro has different payment options available like Cash on Delivery, eWaller (Gcash, GrabPay), and bank transfer. I opted for cashless transaction. Make sure to check corresponding fees when checking out. 

VeMoBro: New Online Shopping Platform + Review

I ordered February 7th, and my order arrived on February 8th. It is one day advanced to the committed turn around time of 48 hours delivery time. 

I hope VeMoBro will continuously provide quality and speedy service. I am looking forward to seeing more vendors and brands in the platform. 

VeMoBro: New E-Commerce Online Shopping Platform  Review

Experience VeMoBro’s “level up” promise by visiting today. VeMoBro’s mobile application will also be available on the Google Play Store very soon.

First time “suki” may also avail VeMoBro’s special welcome deal promo. From January 27 until June 30, new customers will be entitled to a Php100 off on their first orders with a minimum spend of Php1,000. Customers will be provided with the promo code upon signing up on VeMoBro’s website or mobile application. 

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