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3 Money Lessons from Heart Evangelista

February 24, 2021
Heart Evangelista RLC Residences

3 Money Lessons from Heart Evangelista

As we live in this era of new normal, we know that home is truly where the Heart is; and RLC Residences launches stronger brand with its new brand ambassador, Heart Evangelista. 

What is not to love about Heart? She is an artist, an entrepreneur and a wife. I am personally a big fan of Heart and I do enjoy watching her vlogs.  She is chic but can be candid, and I enjoy how she tells stories, and even laugh at herself.  An icon of style and beauty, with so much wisdom.

Through a virtual event, Heart toured us around model units of RLC Residences where she answers personal questions and shared how she strives to live productively (even at home).  I really love watching her interviews (I even dug deep in the internet to watch her interviews when she was younger) 😁

RLC Residences will be catering primarily to the home and property investments of young urban professionals and modern Filipino families, with a strong brand encapsulated into its tagline “Raise, Live, Connect”. 

Grazing Box Heart Evangelista

Grazing Box from @peoplewhobrunch

Grazing Box Heart Evangelista People Who Brunch

I heard this grazing box is especially curated for Heart Evangelista

RLC Residences raises the standard in all facets of homebuilding with world-class developments, globally recognized design firms, elegant lobbies and living spaces, as well as exceptional customer service. Heart truly represents the  image of the brand as evident with her innovative work and different engagements. 

Heart Evangelista RL Residences
Heart Evangelista RL Residences
Heart Evangelista RL Residences

Sharing some of the (Money) Lessons from Heart Evangelista that you might find valuable:

1. Make the step. Start investing. Rent (pay) towards your future, not pay for the rent. Lucky we are who grew up in our own place and home, and I agree on her 100% to really invest in real estate. 

2. Invest in good products and real estate. It is refreshing to hear this from someone who people think just spends most of her money on designer bags. I share with her the same belief that we have to be intentional in buying items/properties. Mke sure they are worth every cent paid. 

3. Work is supposed to be hard. 

You’re not necessarily supposed to love what you do all the time. It’s work. It’s supposed to be hard”

Wow, I always believe that we have to love what we do. But this really changed my perspective. Even if I do enjoy the things and work that I do, I sometimes feel the challenges. A great reminder from the queen.  

3 Money Lessons from Heart Evangelista

I really enjoyed the event launch and learned alot from Heart. I love that she understands the challenges of many Filipinos (like commuting to and from work) and having lesser time with family. Time is truly one of our resources and we have to manage it well. It is important for her to have a home in a central address that gives her energy to do more of the things she loves and spend more time with family and friends. 

Heart is a self-confessed maximalist who loves to see pieces of things that remind her of good memories with friends or family. She truly has a talent at mixing colors and textures. Being someone who is shifting to minimalism,  it is a treat to watch her (and her home) and her chic aesthetics. 

“Home is a place that I share and open up to others, and my home is really an extension of who I am, what I like and my aspirations. I am happy to have found home at RLC Residences and to be part of this very important journey” , Heart shares. 

RLC Residences and Heart will be working together on a number of collaborations never been seen in the Philippines property scene. Follow @RLCResidencesPH and Instagram @RLC_Residences.  

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