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March 2, 2021

Five Signs Your Are Ready to Purchase Your Dream Home

Ohmyhome: Five Signs Your Are Ready to Purchase Your Dream Home

There is nothing like buying and moving in to a new home! The excitement of picturing how you would design and live in a new place is a different experience.

  Like many special ‘firsts’ in your life, it is an incredibly exciting milestone around which memories are made. However, the process entails commitment and serious decision- making. There may be the uncommon few who see a house, instantly fall in love with it and seal the deal in a matter of weeks. The average homebuyer plans for it for years.

While owning a home is a consistent life goal for most Filipinos, taking the steps to achieve it is an entirely different matter. What comes to the fore is the question: Are you ready for it?

Since its launch in the Philippines in September 2020, Singapore’s leading property solutions platform Ohmyhome, through its innovative app and website, has provided an easier and more convenient home-buying experience for Filipino families.

It is Ohmyhome’s extensive experience as a property solution app in Singapore, Malaysia, and now the Philippines that puts it in the best position to share the following tips that say you’re now ready to take the big step:

1. You are equipped with knowledge of property investment.

Purchasing a home can be a tricky and complicated process but only when lacking the essential information. Choosing the right way to start your housing journey involves looking for a platform that provides you with the expertise you need.

“More than closing deals and selling properties, Ohmyhome prioritizes the housing experience of the customer,” company co-founders Race and Rhonda Wong assert. “Before any purchase, we ensure that our clients are equipped with all the details they need to make an informed decision.

“Fortunately, our DIY platform and services are able to relay technical information that potential homeowners will readily absorb and understand. Ohmyhome also gives its users a chance to look at properties for sale within their price range and preferred location, the potential appraisal of each property, and even the necessary renovations or hidden fees, if any.”

2. You have a stable and reliable source of income.

Purchasing a home requires financial preparedness. Thus, having a stable and reliable source of income is a good sign that you are ready to purchase your dream home. Likewise, depending on your choice of payment method, you need to be committed to fulfilling a steady monetary obligation for months or years.

With flexible payment schemes and housing loans available, Ohmyhome agents can assist clients in choosing the payment method that best suits their capacity. 

3. You want your own space and you’re prepared to take care of it.

Being a homeowner gives you freedom. You no longer need to answer to a landlord and you can now have control of your space. This is an upside, considering that telecommuting is the new work mode and the home has assumed other important functions.

Still, homeownership also presents challenges, like the regular upkeep and maintenance of your dwelling. If you can do this, it’s another requirement ticked off the list.

4. You know your—and your family’s—needs and wants.

Before purchasing a home, you should first consider your lifestyle and preferences. Location, property type, price range, number of rooms, parking space—these factors are either deal makers or deal-breakers. If you have sorted these out, you are one step closer to attaining your dream house.

5. You have the right tools to make your housing experience easy and simple.

While many Filipinos perceive housing services as tedious and messy, knowing what tools to use can actually make the home buying process a pleasant experience. For instance, the Ohmyhome website and app has a friendly and intuitive user interface that helps buyers find the right property without too much hassle.

Apart from having money available to pay for your amortization fees, and disposable income for the other expenses of owning a house, Race and Rhonda say that “prospective home buyers must be able to access all pertinent details regarding their purchases and other essential information on the real estate market.

“With Ohmyhome’s technology and our professional agent services, we can provide customers with the ease, knowledge, and assistance they need in purchasing their dream properties--and getting the best possible benefits in the process.”