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6 Things You Need for a Home Theater Set-Up

May 11, 2021
6 Things You Need for a Home Theater Set-Up

With thousands of movies, TV series, K-dramas, anime, and more now available for online streaming, it’s the perfect time to set up a home theater.

Now, you might think that it’s a “celebrity thing” but the truth is that you can easily set up your own home theater with just a few key pieces. You don’t even need a separate room for it! Check out this quick list to get you started on recreating that cinematic experience at home:

A Smart TV

Of course, the most important component of a home theater system is a good TV. Luckily, you can easily find a smart TV for sale at your trusted appliance store branch (or online shop). A smart TV is the best option nowadays, since it can connect directly to the internet and is also compatible with a lot ofexternal devices such as speakers.

Go for a larger-sized smart TV if you have the budget. For smaller spaces, 40 inches is a good benchmark if you can place the TV at least 6 feet away from the viewers. If more people are going to watch and if you have more space to work with, go for a 50- or 60-inch screen. Just remember to place the seating at least 7 to 9 feet away to save your eyes from the strain.

When it comes to the display quality and resolution, 4K HDR TVs are the way to go. If you can spring for an OLED display, much better. OLED displays produce stunning visuals at any viewing angle and they are also more energy-efficient.

A Soundbar

TV manufacturers obviously focus on making their screens produce the most beautiful pictures. Thus, the built-in speakers on TVs are pretty decent but not all that great. For that surround-sound-cinema quality, you need to invest in awesome speakers.

If you’re working with a limited budget, a soundbar is a good option. This will provide a more accurate, more dynamic sound output. Place it horizontally under the TV so it can project audio to a wider space.

A Full Speaker Set-Up

For those with a bigger budget, it’s a good idea to invest in a full speaker set-up to really get that immersive experience. A full speaker set-up is composed of a center speaker (this is usually the soundbar), a left and right front speaker, a left and right rear speaker, and a subwoofer.

For the best results, buy each component separately. Audiophiles will tell you that there are companies who have great soundbars but sub-par subwoofers, etc.

If you aren’t audio-tech savvy and would like a hassle-free install, you can go for home theater sets. They come with all the necessary components, mounting hardware, and step-by-step instructions. All you have to do is add the TV to the mix and you’re all set.

A Comfy Sofa

Once the audio-visual set-up is ready, it’s time to arrange the seating. A full-sized sofa is definitely a good option, complete with throw pillows. A sofa bed is also a good choice, especially if you want to really feel cozy and comfortable while you watch your favorite shows.

Recliners are also popular when it comes to home theater set-ups. In fact, there are recliners that are specifically built for TV viewing. These come with drink holders and food trays so you can enjoy drinks and snacks—just like in the cinema!

A Set of Blackout Curtains

If you want to truly replicate the cinematic experience at home, you need to dim the lights. You can use blackout curtains for this or at least some thick window shades. With a darker room, the visuals from the TV will really pop and make you feel immersed in the atmosphere of the show or movie. Depending on the material of the blackout curtains you choose, they can also act as soundproofers so you can really make the most of your sound system.

An Aircon

Last but not the least, your home theater will be infinitely more comfortable if you have an air- conditioner. Depending on the size of the space you’re trying to cool, you can choose from either a split- type, tower, or window-type aircon unit. Each has its own pros and cons, so it’s up to you to pick one based on what kind and size suits your needs.

If you’re going to be running the aircon the whole day, it’s best to get an inverter model. Otherwise, a non-inverter model would suffice. Just check the EER number. This is the energy efficiency ratio, and you want to choose an aircon with the highest possible EER.

The last thing you need for a home theater? The movie or video sources, of course! There are plenty of streaming services to choose from, which provide not just blockbuster movies but also a lot of exclusive content. Blu-ray discs are also great for viewing, especially if your TV has a 4K HDR display.

Happy watching!

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