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I Gained Weight, But I Got Stronger

September 29, 2021

Potato chips, root beer, pizza, pasta and dark chocolates. Who doesn’t love them? They are my favorite comfort food (and inexpensive things I love receiving as gift). Then, there are hearty meals that my mom cooks everyday, and I am always game for another serving of rice. When I check my phone, I have food delivery apps that can instantly deliver my food cravings.

You can only imagine the result: happy tummy, happy self, and extra calories. I am not fooling myself. I can see right through the mirror my tummy, cellulites and fat I have accumulated in different parts of my body. I used to think I have such good discipline when it comes to food choices. I always eat my veggies and greens. But I still fail. I would always tell myself that “tomorrow, I would limit my sugar/salt/fat intake. And everyday, that is the same thing I tell myself.

I look at my old photos, and I hated myself for not having the brain muscles and discipline back then to work out and maintain the physique. I became abusive of my body.

My goal is to get back to this shape (cutie 😂)

They say that when you reach the age of 30, your body would slow down and you would start gaining weight. I didn’t listen (maybe because, I always feel young). I put my faith in my metabolism, that slowly failed me. Gone are the (younger) days when I could eat everything I want without gaining weight. Days when my only means of exercise was doing my bed.

The sad part is, I know very well what is healthy and not, what food to avoid and which ones to eat more of. But then, I always choose to consume more sugar/salt/fat. They are after all, perfect for my me-time and Netflix nights.

When the pandemic started, I became more serious about exercising. I always allot even a quick 10-minute workout in the morning. The Huawei Wearables (my Huawei GT 2 watch) is my companion. The goal is to be stronger so by the time everything is back to normal, or should I say, when we can go out again in the new normal, I would have the endurance and strength to travel and explore places.

I remember how much I hated hiking, or anything that involves climbing. I felt like I was such a weakling when my friend and I went up the Elephant Mountain in Taiwan; and he had to wait for me, because I was climbing up so slowly, wearing my fur slippers and sheer skirt. It was the same story in Greece when we had to climb up Meteora in a freezing weather.

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This month, I became more acquainted with my new Huawei Watch 3 that carries the same Health and Fitness Features. I really like that when working out, I can easily see the number of Calories I burn, my Heart Rate and where I am in the Heart Rate Zone. An improvement on the design is the Workout Report that now shows my Fatigue Percentage.

I am excited to use the other Workout Modes in the app. Sometimes, I use the Outdoor Walk Mode when doing errands outside. It records my Heart Rate, Pace, Cadence and Altitude. I cannot wait to use it the next time I travel and explore new places.

Another companion for my fitness journey is the Huawei Smart Scale 3 Pro. It provides Body Composition Metrics that would help me in my lifestyle change. Some of the insights I want to share:

💪 I am in my Healthy / Normal range for my BMI.

💪 I have a Visceral Fat Level of 7 (which is still normal). Visceral fat is fat that wraps around your abdominal organs deep inside your body. Visceral fat ensures that there is some distance between each organ. Too much visceral fat creates can lead to inflammation and high blood pressure, which increases the risk of serious health problems.

💪 My Basal Metabolic Rate is 1,338 kcal, Basal metabolic rate is the number of calories your body needs to accomplish its most basic (basal) life-sustaining functions. I know for a fact that I am eating more than that (hello chips, chocolates and fries!), and that contribute to my weight gain. Knowing my Basal Metabolic Rate can help me make meal adjustments. I actually started counting my calorie-intake.

💪I also have a normal Bone Mineral Content (which means that I have strong bones and won’t be easily fractured) and good Protein Percentage. Protein is essential for keeping your body healthy and working the way that it should.

Overall, I have Normal Body Composition and Health Levels.

These Health Metrics are easily accessible through the Huawei Health app. The best thing is, my family can also use the Huawei Smart Scale 3 Pro and I just need to create different profiles for them in the app. The Huawei Health App also stores historical data which is helpful in comparing how much I have improved.

The change in my body affected me, and my confidence. But I know I can only blame myself, and my little careless decisions. I am happy that I am much more aware now.

Physically, I felt that I became stronger. I can touch my toes, and can hold Yoga poses longer. My heart rate also easily returns to normal after working out (this is based on my Huawei Watch 3 Heart Rate Monitor). This means that I am not out of breath after engaging in different routines. Most importantly, I am no longer afraid of stairs. 😀

In the past, I might have had the perfect body, but I was weak (physically and mentally).

I know I gained weight, but I got stronger. I may have lost the perfect figure, but I am in shape.

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  1. Yay to stronger you!
    Okay lang mag gain ng weight as long as happy ka naman with it and mas in shape ka at stronger than before.

  2. Yessspo need po tlga natin Ang maging stronger and healthy pa ,matapus man Ang pandemya ,mas malakas at healthy ka pa

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