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Eye Mo Daily Care: Eye Care in the New Normal

November 5, 2021

I remember back when I would have my Annual Physical Examination, the Ophthalmologist would always tell me that I could be a pilot because of my 20/20 vision. Now, things are different, and I have to wear eyeglasses to work, and enjoy my hobbies like watching videos or reading.

I think one of the things we neglect is taking care of our eyes. We take a bath, brush our teeth and do regular hygiene routines, but we forget to cleanse our eyes.

Eye Mo, a trusted global brand of eye drops and the country’s leading eye care solution, recently launched Eye Mo Daily Care, that cleans eyes from irritants such as smoke, pollution, dirt, and unseen particles. At the same time, it relieves itchiness. This new variant completes the brand’s tri-care formula alongside market leaders Eye Mo Red for red eyes irritation, and Eye Mo Moist for dry eyes.

It is a trusted eye drop brand that even celebrities, like actor Ken Chan uses as part of his daily routine. Aside from doing regular work-outs and religious self-care routine, he also advocates daily eye care as part of his self-care strategies.

Ken has been a long-time Eye Mo user, keeping all three variants at a ready on shoots, lock-in tapings, and even on ordinary activities such as running or doing the groceries. His new favorite is Eye Mo Daily Care, which he uses everyday: at home as he rests his eyes from using contact lenses, or during tapings to free his eyes from irritants. He also admits to keeping Eye Mo Red and Eye Mo Moist in his bag at all times.

Ken encourages daily eye care, and using Eye Mo Daily Care as part of his new normal. He confessed that his exposure to a lot of people during tapings as well as the threat of COVID-19 made him more cautious.

It is always good when the brands you personally use show interest to work with you. Ken says he is proud to be handpicked by Eye Mo, a trusted brand for generations. He confessed that he used to rub his eyes alot, but with Eye Mo, he is secured that his eyes are well-cleansed.

Even in the midst of a worldwide health crisis, brands like Eye Mo provide us with ease and comfort to navigate the new normal. Keep your loved ones safe with Eye Mo Daily Care, now available at leading drugstores, convenience stores, and supermarkets nationwide.

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