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Trying Out the MBox Smart Lockers at MerryMart

November 11, 2021

Last week, I got the chance to try MBOX Smart Lockers at MerryMart in Double Dragan Plaza.

MBOX Smart Lockers are self-service lockers that are accessible 24/7, where users can pick up and drop off packages at their convenience. Packages are placed inside MBOX Smart Lockers, and an automated SMS text alert with a pickup code will be sent to the recipient.

I am excited to have this type of facility in the Philippines that we only get to enjoy and experience in other countries.

The MBox Smart Lockers are easy to use, safe, and each locker has UV disinfection light. There is also a CCTV camera installed in the lockers.

You can watch this vide to check how MBox Smart Lockers work.


Trying out the #MBox #SmartLockers at #MerryMart Free Smart Lockers use until December 2021 👌

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Currently, there are 3 sizes available, and I am hopeful that they would offer bigger sizes for big packages and luggage soon.

I got really excited as I enter the codes in the touch-panel (very easy to use), since I didn’t know which locker would open. Thank you so much MerryMart for the Halloween Treats! I also tried the MBox Smart Locker as a sender and left “packages” / messages to friends.

MBOX Smart Lockers will focus its rollout of an initial 100 smart lockers in strategic areas in Metro Manila and key provincial areas. Outside of Metro Manila, the company will set up several MBOX Community Hubs. An MBOX Community Hub will be located at provincial town centers and have an MBOX smart locker and ATM side by side. Consumers in the community can conveniently withdraw cash and pick up packages in one stop 24/7.

Online shopping offers more choice, cheaper prices, and greater convenience; but sometimes delivery costs negate the savings. Delivery costs in provinces are much higher than in Metro Manila due to widely dispersed areas. Courier riders travel farther between drop-offs thereby driving up costs.

You can find MBox Smart Lockers at MerryMart Grocery and Tower 1 in DoubleDragon Plaza, Pasay City; Jollibee Tower in Ortigas Center; the SkySuites Corporate and Residential Towers in Quezon City.

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