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Successful, not Successfool

August 15, 2022

During a conference I attended a few months ago, the speaker asked us to think of the most successful person we know. The ballroom remained quiet as everyone probably thought deeply.

I was seated next to my Unit Manager at the time (I am a part-time Financial Advisor). He said he thought of this successful celebrity comedian. When he asked me who do I have in mind, I said, I thought of myself. 😀

He probably found it odd. But I seriously feel happy and successful in my life. It is not perfect. It is not probably the most inspiring life if you are an outsider looking in. I don’t have a fancy car, or a new home worthy of a home tour. But I love my life, including the challenges I face everyday.

We oftentimes do not give credit to ourselves. While some compare their successes /achievements/life with others – seeing only the glitz and glamour, thinking that defines the successful and happy life. Comparison makes one miserable.

There is nothing wrong with idolizing people. I personally feel inspired by BTS because they are good at what they do, and they love what they do. The recognition and admiration of the world are the by-products of their consistency and focus. They deserved everything they have now. 💜 I oftentimes find myself watching their videos and vlogs when I feel down and lazy – to escape, to rest and sometimes, to feel inspired.

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We all have different definitions of a successful life. I am proud of friends who have successfully climbed the corporate ladder with nice job titles under their names. I am happy for friends who are full-time moms, same for those who pursued their passions.

Success is a by-product of how we live our lives everyday.

Being self-aware allowed us to know what we really want to achieve in life, and what we value the most.

I always say, I do not want to chase the wrong things.

The people around us oftentimes think we want the same things they want. They would give us pieces of advice as if they know what is good for us. It is suffocating.

I am glad that when I faced the real world, I already have an idea on what I want to do in life. Maybe at that time, I didn’t know how to articulate them (and write about them or make them into a graph).

Below is what a successful life means to me.

Having a balance in all aspects of my life is what makes me feel successful.

Successful not successfool. How to measure personal success

Doing what I love is the most important thing to me. I always live in the present. 💜

Good relationship with others; and most importantly, a good relationship with myself. 🤗

Time affluence. I do not want to be a busy person. Busy is a dangerous word. I want to have control of my time (go out or sleep whenever I want). I want to have my time free for new experiences. ✈️

Mental and Physical Health. I always enjoy a peaceful 8 hours of sleep every night. But my diet is still a work in progress. 😀

Positive Cashflow (not salary) so I can enjoy my time freedom. 💰

How To Measure Personal Success?

Sharing 3 things that would help you measure your personal success. There are no rules, really. The most important thing is you are happy, and that you do not hurt people.

  1. You are proud of yourself (and your progress). We are continuously learning and growing, but you feel satisfied overall in all aspects of your life.
  2. You feel that you are part of something bigger. You feel that you are contributing to the success of something more meaningful than your goals – it could be a relationship, the work that you do, or even as simple as spending your attention and time.
  3. You have people who truly care about you.

While I enjoy the quiet life, I am always open to “hell yeah” opportunities.

Ruthing for myself. I hope you cheer for yourself, too.

What does success mean to you?

I hope you feel successful today. 💜

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