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Désembre and Dermagarden Now in the Philippines | South Korean Skincare by Sapphire Beauty & Wellness

May 14, 2024
Desembre Dermagarden now in the Philippines Korean Skin Care products

Sapphire Beauty & Wellness (SB&W), a company dedicated to providing high-quality beauty and wellness products to the Philippine market, today officially unveiled two South Korean Skincare brands, Désembre and Dermagarden at the Hilton Grand Ballroom in Newport City.

I got invited to the exclusive Manila launch last May 13, 2024, at the HIlton Manila Hotel where I learned more about the wide range of skin care products from the 2 brands.

Désembre and Dermagarden in the Philippines

Désembre and Dermagarden are brands manufactured by Hyunjin C&T, a premier manufacturer with over 25 years of experience in the competitive South Korean skincare and cosmetics industry. Unlike other brands that rely on OEM manufacturers, Hyunjin C&T has been developing and manufacturing their own products.  

SB&W was founded by the husband and wife team of Ricky and Mary Ann Palad. According to Ricky Palad, SB&W Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, they have been looking at venturing into the beauty and wellness industry as early as 10 years ago. “We finally found Hyunjin C&T manufacturing in South Korea that carries the same value and commitment of SB&W Co. We are both committed to put a smile on every one who uses  our products,” Palad said. 

Desembre Dermagarden now in the Philippines Korean Skin Care products

Desembre Dermagarden now in the Philippines Korean Skin Care products

Desembre Dermagarden now in the Philippines Korean Skin Care products

Desembre Dermagarden now in the Philippines Korean Skin Care products

At the launch hosted by media personality and celebrity influencer Regine Tolentino, SB&W and Hyunjin C&T showcased Désembre, a line of treatment products for use in skin care salons and clinics, and it is a brand that consists of treatment products, and Dermagarden, a line of personal skincare products. 

Ricky and Mary Ann are entrepreneurs who have long established themselves in the information technology industry. However, their interest in the beauty and wellness sector is more personal. 

“After the pandemic, we noticed that more and more people put emphasis on taking care of their body and wellness. People who were not keen on using skincare products or have been ignoring their skin problems suddenly started looking for help or for a confidant who will help them in their newfound self-love, post-pandemic. At SB&W, we personally want to be that friend and confidant. We believe that the journey to self-love begins from within, and we want to guide them in this journey,” he explained.

“It took us some time to find and launch skincare products and services as we were searching for the right product to distribute to the market. We wanted to test the products ourselves first,” he added. 

“SB&W aims to be a premier Filipino lifestyle brand by distributing  world-class products that are safe, functional, fashionable, trendy, and cost-effective,” according to SB&W COO, Mary Ann Palad.

“The biggest advantage of Hyunjin C&T is that we develop new raw materials and technologies faster than other companies. For example, we were the first in Korea to introduce hemp seed oil products, which are currently the hottest raw materials in the world of skincare. We were also the first in Korea to introduce products containing Snail and Mayu(horse oil),” said Jung Sung-han, Hyunjin C&T Chairman. 

During the event, a skin care and makeup demo was also conducted to show the audience the importance of preparing the skin before the make-up. I am curious and excited how the new Desembre and Dermagarden products can help me have a better and healthier skin.

Congratulations SB&W, Dermagarden and Desembre!

Thank you for having me!

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