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KDR Adventure Motorcycle Park Inauguration, Manibela Challenge Orientation Day ignite excitement and thrills

May 17, 2024

KDR Adventure Motorcycle Park (KDRAMP), the Philippines’ newest obstacle course in KDR Adventure Camp, Orani Bataan, welcomes the public following its inaugural event on May 12, 2024.

Consisting of 33 obstacles, this adrenaline-pumping facility offers an exhilarating experience for thrill-seekers. 

Each obstacle not only provides adventure but also serves as a platform for honing riding skills.

And here at KDRAMP, the highly anticipated Manibela Challenge will soon take place. 

“The team category consists of 10 riders per group. They will be using a liter bike. When we say a liter bike, it’s 1000cc and above. The question is, should all the members need to have a liter bike? Not necessarily. It means… they can borrow from each other. For the individuals…, they’ll be competing with each other,” Manibela Challenge Course Director Coach Mel Aquino explained.

Various groups of riders will compete in the time trial motorcycle obstacle course challenge with charity.

Female Rider, Yuan Medina, and Events Manager & Host, Rodel Flordeliz

Participating teams are as follows: Team Progressive, Team Motorclyde Triumph, Diskarteam, Team Watermax, Ducati Ph, and Team Triumph.

Alongside the KDRAMP Inauguration was the Manibela Challenge Orientation Day, wherein participants also got to experience a trial run, giving them a glimpse of the actual challenge.

Tanie Ortigueras, a member of the Motor Clyde Triumph Team, remarked that the KDR Adventure Motorcycle Park is a one-of-a-kind facility in the Philippines.

“The obstacle here is totally different. It’s one of a kind in the Philippines… It will truly help you enhance your skills and you will be eager to learn more,” Ortigueras said.

Edmar Quintos from Diskarteam also shared his experience during the trial run.

“I’ve been riding a motorcycle for a long time. But when it comes to here, there’s really a challenge. The obstacles you will go through are no joke,” Quintos stated.

According to Coach Mel, aside from the charitable twist of the competition, it is designed to promote safety and precision riding.

The purpose of Manibela Challenge is to further hone your skills.. It is a new sport that is emerging right now. It’s not just a motorsport but it is an application of safe riding. This can be used especially when we go out of the road… and the KDR Adventure Camp and Manibela is with us to promote safe riding. It’s not about speed, it’s all about precision riding, and it’s all about safety riding,” Coach Mel said.

Alfred Watermax, one of the Manibela co-hosts, is also among the participants who will take on the challenge.

Manibela Challenge Participants

“The riders who [will be participating in the challenge], they also love to collaborate with charities. [They join] not only for the competition but also to help other people,” Alfred said.

“I hope that this kind of program will continue so we can help more people,” he added.

The winning teams in the Team Category will receive P500,000 for the first placer, P300,000 for the second placer, and P200,000 for the third placer. One hundred percent of the cash prize from the Team Category will be awarded to chosen beneficiaries of the winning teams.

On the other hand, the winners in the Male and Female Individual Category will bring home P200,000 for the first placer, P150,000 for the second placer, and P100,000 for the third placer.

Catch the first group of riders as they test their riding skills and limits on the first competition day on May 28, 2024.

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