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Weekend Staycation at Loreland Farm Resort

August 18, 2013

I have been wanting to do this – a staycation in a resort near Manila, where I can relax and forget about life stresses and be closer to nature or a relaxing spa massage that would take me to a state that is light and peaceful.

I never realized it would happened last weekend. It was just a simple invitation from a blogger friend Anton and Ramon of Loreland Resort – an overnight stay at Loreland Farm Resort in Antipolo. I don’t really like long drives, so I said yes, trying not to research about the place because I want everything to be a surprise – and I was pleasantly surprised!

I came straight from work that Saturday, and I just quickly packed my bag (I brought alot, as usual!) and went to the meeting place. When we finally got to the venue, we were greeted with a beautiful weather (thank God!) and the delicious, Fried Suman with Cashew Nuts!

Well, Rizal’s famous products are suman, cashew and mangoes. So there is no better way to welcome the guests by serving them this recipe of Rizal’s special products. It would have been yummier if this is served with ripe mangoes! Just like the ones they are serving in Sentro! Now I am craving!
Click Read More to know more about Loreland Farm Resort..

During our tour around the 8 hectare property, I was surprised to find out that Loreland Farm Resort has been operational for 17 years! The land used to be a mango and cashew plantation owned by Ms. Lolita (Ramon Marinas’ mom). It started out as a family resthouse with swimming pool for private gatherings, but soon expanded and now venue for weddings, team buildings and gatherings. The name came from Ramon’s parents – Lolita and Renato.

Awards and recognitions are displayed in the reception area

 The reception area is soo homey!


 There are 5 swimming pools in the resort and each one has a different characteristic

 I super looove this pool with yacht-like design!


to its name, the resort is a farm resort. Walking down each paths and
turns, I saw fruit-bearing trees like cashew, mango, mahogany and
coconut. It was so nice to be surrounded with nature. If there are words
to describe the place, it is serene and beautiful. Even if there are
pools which are open and shared to the public, it is just so beautiful.
Maybe, it is close to the Garden of Eden.. it is just full of beautiful
surprise, every corner is just a feast to the eye, I honestly don’t know
where to turn my camera. 

Saw the group enjoying the afternoon dip while we were touring the place…
The pool from the other side..

  This is  more private pool near the entrance to the Spa. 
I am so excited to tell you more about the spa. It deserves a new blog post!
Because of the exclusivity of the place, you would feel like it is totally okay to 
swim with just your itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini
(and I did; well.. it is yellow striped bikini ;))

It is just an hour drive from the city, or I think 25 minute drive from LRT2 Santolan Station. There is no worry bringing or inviting your guests to the venue – the place is so relaxing that they wouldn’t mind the commute! I didn’t. 
There are halls and gazebos in Loreland Farm Resort which can accommodate hundreds of guests. I was actually surprised when my former boss/friend told me that her mom actually attended a wedding in Loreland and they had a funny story because it was the same time a group was staying in the resort for a team building!
The Terraces Hall with a stage set-up

Can you imagine the bride/debutant walking down that staircase?


The architecture and landscape are impressive. Probably, a labyrinth with its lush green surroundings and I was just awaiting for the gods and goddess of the wood to show up. It is that beautiful!

This is one of the more private pools in the resort with the nice view of the city at the back. This is called the Villa! Newly-weds should stay in the villa after the wedding!

The room has the same amenities like other hotels. 

But with a beautiful view outside and so much things to see and do, 
who wants to stay in a room?

It looks like a big chess board! 
Loreland Farm Resort can also accommodate events here. 
I love that there is that tiled area for dancing!

And I really wish you were here!

They sure know how to make a perfect garden wedding set-up.

Of course, there is this area for the kids!
I also played and stayed for a while in the swing!

The Taktak Hall is a venue for gatherings too ;
overlooking the city – such a great view at night!
Unfortunately my camera wasn’t able to capture it..


Loreland Farm Resort has a room and ready accommodation for all types of guests and budget – Shade, Kubo, Gazebo, Tree House, Cabana, Ulog, Nipa Hut and Pantalan.

In the morning, I saw a group and families staying in this gazebo 
and having bbq’s while the kids were out swimming. 

The rooms are fully renovated and well maintained.
You may check out this page, to see the rates:
The Verde Restaurant – the chef and Ms. Hawaii could be the firsts to
welcome you upon check in at the place. I love how they made it open-air
letting the guests experience the farm/garden setting. It is well ventilated and relaxing to stay here that we (Marjorie, Jon and Enzo) decided to stay here while the rest went down to see the CampTipolo Adventure Land. 

I am sure alot of guests have had their picture taken with her! 😉

I love staying on this part of the bar. Most of my blogger friends also find 
this area comfortable that most even worked in this station.

I love how the staff is very friendly and accommodating – probably that is something that Ramon (being the Vice President of Loreland Realty and Development Corp) has shared with the people who work in the farm resort. It is true that the leader sets the mood of the people, and the one that is in the Loreland Resort is a happy mood. I hope the service is something that they can maintain even during busy or peak days – because Loreland has the best amenities and services (spa) to offer – people should make the big, big difference in the guests’ stay.

I love how the staff accommodated my request (a cup of coffee!). Well I woke up very early (before 6AM) and I wanted my usual cup of coffee – I waited until the staff came and they gladly accommodated my request even if it is technically not yet their work hours.

A small chitchat with the staff, I found out that they are just staying near the resort which is very convenient (I wish I were living next to my office!). I remember that this family business was put up because of the desire of the Marinas family to help other families. It is good that Loreland Farm Resort also thinks of elevating the lives of other people and not just their own.

 And here’s what we had for breakfast!

Breakfast is usually served with this mixed fruit juice with malunggay!
It is surprisingly good!

We also got to taste their Kare-Kare, Sinigang and other in-house specialties. The food is affordable and guests may choose not to bring any food during their stay as there is also a convenience store inside the resort. You may check out the menu here:
When you think this post is over, the best is yet to come – the Spa!
Down the hill, we found a paradise. 

This area of the resort is only accessible to those who will 
avail of the spa services

Dr. Fish Spa will welcome you to the entrance of the paradise

And as you descend further, you will see this amazing
hydro-pool! We couldn’t wait to take a dip!
On the other side is the Infinity Pool


 The Zen Lounge 
decorated with native ornaments from different provinces in Luzon.
A perfect place for meditation and blogging (I found Melo here 
enjoying the view and working on some articles!)

Services and amenities offered here include manicure, pedicure, herbal foot bath, foot spa, body massage, body scrub, heated jacuzzi, infinity pool and full body massage that I truly recommend! That deserves another blog post!

Here is the Infinity Pool overlooking the city!

As it is built on the side of mountain, it is ideally called the Hanging Gardens – but I am thinking Paradise is a more appropriate term.

Watch out for my next post about my Luljetta’s Spa and Massage Experience.


Via Ortigas Avenue
***Go straight, all the way to Ortigas Extension. Turn right when you reach the Ynares Sports Center. Go straight then turn right again when you reach Unciano Medical Center. From there, simply follow the signs to get to the resort.

Via Marcos Highway
***Turn right at the Sumulong Highway intersection upon reaching Masinag Market ( left). Follow the Sumulong Highway until you reach the Circumferential Road. Make a right turn. Go straight, and then make another right turn when you reach the first Triangle. Go straight before making a left turn at the Hamaka Park Triangle near Ynares Sports Center. Follow the road until you reach Unciano Medical Center then turn right. From there, follow the signs to get to the Loreland Farm Resort.

Loreland Farm Resort
Telephone: 696-0101 to 03
[email protected], [email protected]
FACEBOOK: Loreland Farm Resort

Thank you so much Anton and Ramon for the invite, and to bloggie friends for making our stay fun! Thank you also to my friend, Jeiz for lending me her lovely camera!

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