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Amazingly Good Massage at Luljetta’s Hanging Garden and Spa

August 26, 2013

So, it is Monday once again. I am counting the hours when I would once again open my ThinkPad, check the mails, work on issues, and meet the deadlines. Weekend just went by just like that. I felt like I only had one day for myself this weekend (I worked last Saturday – Boooo…).

I need another day of relaxation and I opened my album and see how beautiful and relaxing it was in Luljetta’s Hanging Garden & Spa. Two weeks ago, I had a wonderful staycation in Loreland Farm Resort (read about it here), and as promised I am writing a separate blog about my spa and massage experience.

During our tour of the resort, Ramon did save the best for last. I was already impressed with the pools, and lovely view of the Loreland Farm Resort, until we reached this beautiful hanging garden. I only knew about the Hanging Gardens of the Babylon – until this paradise started unfolding in my very eyes, with every step I took as I descended..

Click Read More to see more of this beautiful hanging garden..

We soo love this spot that everyone had 
his/her picture here!


Teen show ang peg!
Pic from @PopAz

When Anton told me about how beautiful it was, I was thinking he was just saying all these things to make me say yes to the overnight stay. He knows how busy I am that I seldom attend events – but I am so glad that I did say yes.

It was tiring walking and touring the Loreland Farm Resort property, and when we saw the beautiful view and the pool, we are so ready to give it a go.. BUT, Ramon prepared a nice meal for us to enjoy at the Luljetta’s Hanging Restaurant!

Ramon originally wanted us to try to dine in wearing those lovely batik-like cover ups for spa but we got too comfy with the nice ambiance, interesting food and engaging talks.

I can stay in this area the whole day! 

Simple details that matter – lovely pieces and interesting table runner

Who are the people in the dining table?
I love that Ramon even took the opportunity to get to know us, and for us to get to know the other bloggers in the group. Most of them are the people I got to see and be with during events, most of them I rarely see so it was nice to be sharing the same dinner table with them. 
So there is Pop Az who really impressed me with how he covers events complete with his props and cameras. My friend in the office even told me she saw this popular blogger on TV and she wonders if I know him. Well, yes, he’s Pop Az! There’s THE Rod Magaru who got teased the whole staycation for being a celebrity blogger! Alex who is a food, travel and lifestyle blogger, and takes really good pictures (and taught me a new convenient route on the way home (thank you!). Enzo who is always a friend despite the fact that I rarely get to see him and he is one of the blogger friends who takes nice pics of me during events (esp with ambush shots with celebrities! teheheh)  Of course, there is this couple – Marjorie (who I got to share the room with during our Kota Kinabalu trip). It is always nice to be with Marj as she is fun and a real cowgirl – this time around, she is with her hubby THE Jonel Uy (he is one of the social media experts) and one of the best hosts/organizers I got to encounter. THE Melo Villareal who is one of the institutions of social media (I think!) and amazingly a baker too! He is always fun and have a lot of kwentos so it was nice that he is part of the group. 

In here, Melo shares about his humble beginnings..
I sooo can relate to his stories about 
dial-up connections, geocities, angelfire, 
and the old social media platforms that we used in the 90s! 

It was also nice to finally meet Aleah (of Solitary Wonderer). I am impressed and amazed how she stays committed to traveling the world – she has been to India and even toured Europe! I am looking forward to doing that as well. She’s such an inspiration. There is also Marky (Nomadic Experiences) who stayed quiet the whole trip. I was worried if he was getting a little out of place in the group as we are such a noisy bunch, but he actually knew most of other bloggers in the group – and he is just basically quiet and an observant. He is such a good writer and story teller – no wonder his blog is nominated in the 2012 Globe Tatt Awards. Spell bigtime!

Then of course, we have our host Ramon, who stayed accommodating the whole time. Days before the “event”, he has been sending us messages thanking us for accepting the invite, until a few days after the staycation. It is a surprise to know that he holds the title of the Vice President of their land corporation with his young looks and cool disposition.

Now here’s the food..

They make look a little foreign to me, 
but these food stayed true to the theme.
It is always nice to try something new..

We were ready to take a dip, and so we did. To better feel the real deal, people might want to try the doctor fish first..

Then, dip into the hydro-pool. There are some nice pulse points in the pool just like the ones in Ace Water Spa. I personally love the shower that works like a back-massage:

Look at this instagram photo posted by @melovillareal
I am posing like my watermark’s!
It was cold that night, but we managed to enjoy it! Then, we are off to the much-awaited body massage!

I got to stay in the couple’s lounge with Marjorie, which is just soo perfect and relaxing! I would want a resthouse with this kind of room.

When I found out I got scoliosis some years ago, I chose not to indulge in massages, because most of the people say so. But after I had my condition checked again by a doctor, and got a go signal that yes, I can do the things that most people can do – like enjoy a full body massage, without hesitation, I laid flat on the bed and waited for the full body treat.

I am not very comfortable when people touch me or invade my personal space, but I let Ate Maricel did her thing. If there is a word that is the opposite of the dementor – that’s the experience that Luljetta’s Hanging Garden Spa has given me – it suck away all my worries, and stresses. I was in La-la-land.. when Ate suddenly woke me up. I’ve fallen asleep!!!

If it were not Marky and Az awaiting outside for their turn, I would stay in the lounge and sleep! It was a struggle for me and Marjorie to go back to our room! That was soo funny! But I had a good night sleep.

In the morning, we ditched going down the CampTipolo and just did the pool!

There you go, this is the most daring shot I can share! Haha
Then, we transferred to the Buddha Lounge and tried the Infinity Pool

Before we go, we had to experience the Foot Spa! The massage room is just right above the infinity pool. So imagine having your feet massaged while enjoying the view of the pool and mountains.

The room has a lot of interesting details too.
Lovely wooden chairs and pillows

High ceiling which gives ventillation
Wooden pieces sourced from different parts of the country

During my foot spa, Ate has told me I don’t have much dead skin – which got me thinking – I need to walk some more and exercise!

I love how the massage and how she presses on the stress points. Most of my blogger friends have stress points on their feet which translates to different weaknesses in the internal organs. I experienced one in the right foot, and ate said it is related to my stomach – which is surprisingly true! I always have this acidity issue.

I found out the masseuses in the Luljetta’s Hanging Garden and Spa are all trained. What I love about the service is that they really take the time to complete each tasks. No matter how late we were in the original schedule, and no matter how many of us were waiting in line for the massage (well.. because most of us stayed long in the pool! don’t blame us!) 🙂 , they all took the time to give the best massage and spa to each foot that they handled (.. ok, reading that sounds too funny :D) 

Here we are enjoying the foot spa – looks like I was the only one concentrating on the service. Haha

If you want to try the services in the Luljetta’s Hanging Spa and Garden, check out these rates:

She is waiting for you! 
(Look at that cute uniform! We all love it!)

Contact Bienvenido Tours if you want to book a weekend in Luljetta’s Hanging Garden and Spa. 

Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa
Loreland Farm Resort
Sitio Loreland, Brgy. San Roque,
Antipolo City, Philippines 1870
Phone: (02) 622 8779
Mobile: (0917) 544 4432
Email: [email protected]

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10am-11pm
Closed on Mondays, Tuesday and Wednesdays (unless pre-arranged or pre-booked)

Again, thank you so much Anton ( and Ramon for the invite, and to bloggie friends for making our stay fun! Thank you also to my friend, Jeiz for lending me her lovely camera!

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