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The Walking Dead Season 4 Parallel Play with US Only on FOX

February 12, 2014

Where were you last February 10, 2014 around 11:35 AM (Manila Time)? I was in the Fox International Channel office together with the “survivors” (aka bloggers and media friends). The homey office served as our safety place and we’ve seen the Mid-Season 4 Premiere of the Walking Dead. 

What happened on that very hour is a Parallel Play of the show in FOX where the episode was shown on the same day as the US release. It means that there is no need to search all over the net for the recorded episode and wait for it to buffer. The replay was shown at 8:55 PM on the same day.

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The first half of the Season 4 ended in November 2013, and viewers were curious on the next saga of Rick Grimes and the other survivors. Sir Jude Turcuato, Country Manager of Fox International Philippines opened the viewing party.

I am digging the shirt!
Then the office was filled with screams and suspense as we watched the mid-season premiere episode. It was fun watching Walking Dead with a big group! 
On a side story, I love the Fox International Channels office. It is like a home. I seriously want to work here.
As soon as you enter the office, Sir Jude’s office will greet you. 

 Cutie pillows and the divider goes with Walking Dead theme.
 I was just waiting for Zombies to come out.

FOX International Channels will keep the Saturday airing at 8:55PM for those who got used to watching the show on this time. But the good news is, people in Manila can get to watch the newest episode as others are recording it for upload in the internet. No need to search online, you just need to tune in to Fox Channel every Monday at 11:35 AM (parallel play with US) and at 8:55 PM. The schedule works best for those who are both working in the morning and at night – which is the case for most Filipinos 🙂

Interestingly, FOX is working on bringing the stars of Walking Dead here in Manila to promote the show. I am so looking forward to that 🙂

Zombie Survival Kits
We got lovely lunch and cool desserts!

After the premiere, we were treated with a lovely lunch and we even got this awesome pack so we can enjoy the rest of the Walking Dead Season 4 episodes. The biggest question now is, “How are Grimes and his people to survive without each other?”

Thank you so much FOX International Channels for the invite to your lovely office, and for bringing the Walking Dead in every tube in Manila 🙂

FOX is seen on SkyCable Channel 50, Destiny Cable Channel 26, Cable Link Channel 51, CIGNAL TV Channel 41, and in other 275 cable operators nationwide. 

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