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Unlimited Sashimi, Sushi and Makis at Genji M Japanese-Korean Restaurant

March 11, 2014

It is funny remembering how I placed Japanese cuisine at the bottom of my (favorite) cuisine list. Probably because during the time when I was starting to explore different cuisines, there weren’t much Japanese (and Korean) restaurants in the Philippines.

The younger me, could only depend on anything fried, crispy and sweet to describe something delicious and filling. Until, my tastebuds become more open to different tastes, style of cooking and cuisine in time with the opening of more restaurants in Manila – especially ramen and sushi bars. 
Last Sunday, we found a jewel in Kalayaan cor Makati Ave – Japanese-slash-Korean-restaurant that serves a good selection of sushi and rolls (and when I say, good selection, expect the unexpected fusion of maki rolls and your comfort food). Say hello to Genji M!

Photo from Genji M Facebook Fanpage

Are you ready?


Warm lighting, comfy seats, a sushi bar and a Cherry Blossom Tree – something’s telling me that this restaurant has more surprises to their guests. I was not prepared for the occasion – I should have gone in my Kimono or Hanbok 🙂

Click Read More to know more about the unlimited sashimi, sushi and rolls!

Some details are telling me it is a Japanese restaurant,
but there are pieces of design that are screaming Korean

Sir Sam Lee, owner of Genji M. finally took us to the history of Genji M Japanese-Korean restaurant. The business officially opened in October 2013, as Far Eastern Asian Cuisine which targeted Korean and Japanese customers. Soon after, the business transformed to reach out to the local community by offering combination of traditional Japanese and Korean food. 
Sir Sam shared that Genji is a very popular name in Japan, which also means today,  and M stands for Manila or Makati. 
This is a nice area for intimate gatherings

 VIP Rooms for meetings

What’s for Eats?


Can you hear me screaming?! Who wouldn’t be excited to see a good selection of regular and premium sashimis and sushi rolls?

Unlimited Sashimi Platter
Tuna, Octopus, Lapu lapu, Sea Urchin, Salmon and Blue Marlin

Chef Park, who has been in the industry for 15 years, 
personally prepared the platters for us
Unlimited Maki Rolls!

The Kimchi Roll is super good!

Then of course, Unlimited Sushi 
The Baked Tofu is an interesting discovery

Love the Samgyubsai!

Bulgogi Roll for me!!!

How does the unlimited sashimi, sushi and maki work?
You will first be served with different rolls, and once you are done – and you got to pick your faves, just tick which flavors and rolls you want from this order slip:
So we did.. and we had another round of sashimi!

Aside from sushi, makis and sashimi, Genji M also serves salad, and other Korean food. One need not go outside to have after-dinner drinks, Genji M also serves alcoholic beverages like Soju, Sake, and wine. 
Salad with Roasted Sesame Dressing
I know you are a traitor, so I said “pass” that night.
Yen of Tummy Traveler thought it was just a normal carbonated 
drink, and took a gulp. Now that’s how she whet the appetite!

Total Damage:

Wondering how much you need to enjoy the unlimited sashimi and sushi?

  • Unlimited Sushi and Rolls Php399
  • Unlimited Sashimi (includes Unlimited Sushi and Rolls) Php 699
  • Unlimited Premium Sashimi Php1,499

Of course, the usual penalty applies for unfinished food. We were kidding that one must do harakiri if you fail to finish your sashimi and rolls. But, with Genji M’s good variety of sashimi and sushi, there is no need to do such honorable act.


Staff is very attentive and gives that happy mood in the restaurant – as if it is to say that they are enjoying their work.

Sir Sam shared that he envisions to employ handicapped people to work in the restaurant as it expands. My heart melted, as I chew on the octopus sashimi which is just perfect, chewy and fresh. Sir Sam works as a consultant for Corporate Service Responsibility programs for different companies. It reminds me of the project I want to do which is to continue doing pro bono consulting for different organizations, in time for the second anniversary of this program I participated.


There is parking in front of the restaurant, but it might get crowded during busy hours/days.

Plastic Money:

Yes, they do accept credit card – and coupons! (keep on reading..)


Separate washroom for ladies and gents. You might need to go on several trips to the washroom as the place is cool – which is nice. 🙂

Dress Code

No need to come in Kimono or Hanbok, come as you are!


Families, friends, lovers, sushi-lovers and foodies.

The Verdict:

If you want to try good Japanese/Korean food and unlimited sushi, sashimi and makis, Genji M is the place to go. We did a little math and check how affordable the unlimited offerings are, and they sure are good value for money.

Genji M offers such good selection from traditional Japanese rolls, to fusion of different comfort food. I was already praising the Bulgogi Roll and declaring how full I was, when someone mentioned SPAM – and the four of us in the table – Yen, Chuckie and Gerry decided to try it. No one would say no to SPAM! That’s the ultimate comfort food.

This is how they prepare the Spam Roll

Here goes the SPAM Roll!

Okay, I cannot wait to go back and have more Bulgogi and Spam Rolls! I love that Genji M has good Japanese and Korean offerings for adventurous foodies, and also provides fusion of comfort food for those who want to reconnect with their inner kids.

I am sure you also want to try the offerings from Genji M, and here’s the treat – print this instagram picture and present the coupon for a good Php250 worth meal from Genji M. One coupon, one person policy. 

Now, that’s an awesome dinner! Thank you Genji M for having us!

Have you tried the sushi and sashimi selection from Genji M?

Genji M Japanese-Korean Restaurant
Kalayaan Ave. Cor. Makati Ave. (former SamJung), Makati

This is a sponsored post for Genji M Japanese/Korean Restaurant. 

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