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What Makes Vikings a Luxurious Buffet Restaurant?

July 20, 2014

It is safe to say that the variety of food, sumptuous offerings, and the birthday treat (now a month-long promotion) make the Vkings Luxury Buffet one of the finest restaurants in the country.

But, I want to believe there is something more than the appetizing carving station, colorful dessert spread and inviting dishes from all over the world, that make Vkings as luxurious as the buffet restaurants in most of the hotels.

I got to find out last Sunday over a family dinner in Vikings SM North EDSA. Okay, there is no sorcery and wiccan rituals involved here, everything I discovered is just plain awesome-ness!

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A background on my relationship with Vikings – when they arrived in the food scene, that was when I started to distant myself from the buffet restaurants. First because, I feel that I am not getting my money’s worth. I love to eat, but whenever I find myself in a buffet restaurant, I just get too overwhelmed. Plus, my mom is also trying to manage her sugar and cholesterol levels; plus, we want to eat healthier by having organic food whenever possible. When I showed her the Fourth of July offerings from Vikings, it worked like a magic potion for her, and I got her nod to go on another buffet journey. Yes. she’s the queen of the house.

What makes Vikings a Luxury Restaurant aside from what’s in the buffet table?


Every Viking restaurant glistened with a different ambiance. I say glistened, because they maintain their stores well. Making it look luxurious and new. Add a touch of fancy chandeliers, comfortable couches, and warm lighting, you are set for a good buffet date.



While most of the diners dived in to the buffet tabe, I played the spy observing how the staff works. I sometimes unconsciously do it, probably because of I once worked in the food industry. My observation? They care about each other, and the restaurant.

They have urgency to clean the table, refill plates, and mop floor. I sensed the teamwork when one asked the other to replenish food, and the other said yes without any hesitation. When something was spilt on the floor, one asked for the “wet floor signage” because they want to prevent accident, and the crew didn’t leave the spot until it was all dried and cleaned.

I want to give this team a 2+ in the evaluation sheet! (1 being the highest)


The appetizing food in the Vikings buffet spread are work of art and expertise of their world renowned chefs who have worked in different countries and hotels. It was awesome to meet these chefs, who are doing rounds in the dining area. There’s a French Chef who takes care of the pastry and sweets, and a local chef who has worked in different hotels in Manila. They are very friendly, and always happy when they see you taking loads of food from the buffet.


I have witnessed how the crew sang and danced for every celebrator in the dining hall, and I honestly think it would be too much an effort if they don’t feel happy with what they are doing.

When we were there, we felt like we were part of every birthday celebrations in every table! Guests are smiling and clapping because of the free entertainment. It was awesome to have happy tummy and happy feeling!


When I say Little Things, I meant this for our little kids and nieces and nephews. I love the kiddie buffet! Small burgers and hotdog sticks for the little ones. To complete the experience, Vikings has fun plates and colorful cutleries for the young and young-at-heart (?)


It’s a major turn off for me to visit a good restaurant with dirty washroom. It seems that Vikings understands this, and they do keep and maintain their washroom in glistening condition. Other restaurants should learn from Vikings.

Not sure f the other diners have noticed these little things. Maybe they are too busy with their shrimps and lamb chops (I couldn’t blame them, the food is that good! – you can forget about your name – I was even placed on a state of Food Coma – and I sat there for a few minutes with my family also on the same state of coma).

The reason? Scroll down..



Kiddie Station

 Pizza and Pasta Station
(but I still honestly long for this Italian Buffet care of Frankie 
Tomatto’s which also provide an awesome entertainment for birthday celebrants!)

The Clam Chowder! I came back for this!
and of course, dessert bar! 

My mom loves the halo-halo!
I missed this!

Crepes are love!

My last plate 🙂 

It seems that after our dinner, my mom is a number one fan of Vikings. She keeps on telling me how affordable it is comparing to a meal that usually cost us around Php2500 for 3 diners. If there is one thing that she didn’t like about Vikings, she said, she got a satay that has such tough, rough meat, she couldn’t chew. That’s her only complaint, but a real minor.

Anyway, if you agree on this post, kindly give it a thumbs up below. I love Vikings (and we might be back!), but I am still dreaming of an Italian buffet! 🙂

What do you love about Vikings Luxury Buffet?

Vikings Luxury Buffet
SM North EDSA, The Block
4th Level, SM North EDSA
cor EDSA, QC

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