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My Century Tuna Superbods Cooking Class Experience

October 14, 2014

The last time I held a pan and pot in front of a crowd, I won in a cooking challenge. Century Tuna must have believed in my power to transform eggs and bacon into a supermeal. I received an invite to the Century Tuna Cook Off and the aspiring chef in me graciously said yes.


I was running late for the event coming from a build volunteer work and I arrived just on time before the actual cook off. I was teamed with another two bloggers – Edel and Az‘s rep. We were battling with hot mommas and fashion bloggers. They had four members in each team, and there were only 3 of us but we were not shaken.

We were assigned in the main show kitchen and I felt like a cooking show host standing behind it! Century Tuna tasked us to cook dishes using the Century Tuna products. We would all be cooking the same dishes, but the cooking style and tricks would be tested. I was initially tasked to cook the Baked Ziti!

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I felt like Rachel Ray as I sauted the garlic and onions in the pan. Part of me felt like Anne Curtis when I opened a can of Century Tuna. Maneuvering around the kitchen and emptying each ramekin, I own the moment like Martha Stewart. I was guided by Chef  @donutbai and she kept on telling me that I was doing great. I love being surrounded with encouraging people!

Century Tunas is so easy to open – thanks to the easy-open-can!

Real, whole tuna flakes! I love having Century Tuna with nice warm rice
whenever we don’t know what to have for dinner. Haha

The Century Tuna Hot & Spicy went well with my red sauce

Looking great with the penne pasta 🙂

I felt like a real cook with that red apron! 🙂

My other teammates prepared dishes like Fish, and Marinara Sauce. While my pasta was cooking in the oven, I took the chance to learn more about the making Risotto Balls. Of course, we applied the Flour, Egg and Breading Technique. After I rolled some Risotto Balls, I jumped and helped in making empanadas. The trick was the handmade sealing which made it more special. Chef shared that we have to rest the dough for a while to create a crusty empanada.

This is how you make good Risotto Balls 🙂
Use your hands 🙂

The Empanada Story 🙂
Corndogs made with Century Tuna Vienna Sausages
Fry Queen 🙂

Cooking everything all at the same time!
Like a master chef 🙂

The other teams were already done and enjoying the fruit of their labor, while we still had a couple of things to fry. But like what they say, you save the best for last. Even if we were the last team to finish – we made it a big, and proud plating and presentation!


All the lovely dishes are made with Century Tuna products like Century Tuna, Century Bangus and Century Vienna Sausage. Of course, we had Coco Vita to keep us hydrated during the challenge 🙂

Our spread looks yummy! And hey my Baked Ziti was such a hit! People even took home some of it. I also took home some and shared with mom, and we couldn’tt wait to try the simple meal at home.

Thank you so much Century Tuna for the fun event! Even if I had took up Catering Classes back in College, it is always nice to learn new things from experienced Chef. I also love how this activity developed teamwork especially that I was not teamed with blogger friends that I am closer with.

You too can also try cooking simple, and healthy meals at home with Century Tuna. Check out

Awesome time team!

With hot mommas, Mi Chelle, Rochelle, Jen and my loves, Rhea (thank you!!!) 🙂

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