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Online Shopping Experience at Great Value Plus

October 8, 2014

The beauty about the digital age is the exploration of the businesses allowing goods to reach to a greater market. In my post last month, I shared about the new online site where we can buy affordable signature sunglasses. Recently, I was contacted by another online seller and introduced his new site. is a new online site but the business has been in the busy world of e-commerce for years. A certified seller in Ebay, sells authentic items from watches  perfume, electronics, kitchen aids, and accessories.

I was offered to choose an item from the store and a quick browse on the site allowed me to choose what I have been looking for – DKNY Be Delicious perfume.

I actually have to choose an XOXO watch or perfume. I already have too many watches, and XOXO watches give me allergy, so I chose perfume.

For those who love watches, check out these nice and affordable set.

I love how the site provides a list of available perfumes and even testers are accurately labeled.
I love how the site replicates the Ebay format in terms of presenting the items.
It feels like browsing the item in the Ebay store. 🙂

I had to be blunt and ask if the store sells authentic perfume because let’s admit that crooks can be techie too and they also use online store as venue to promote their business. The owner gladly answered my inquiry advising that the products are sourced from reputable supplier.

I processed my order and I got the package the following day. That was a fast delivery! When I got the package, I carefully checked the bottle and ensured its authenticity. I was a bit put off when I found that the packaging doesn’t seem the same with the usual box that I get. I only use three perfumes and if you are a regular user of such brand, you would know if the one that you are holding is authentic. There is just one part of the whole package that got me suspicious – there is something not right with the box – or maybe it was just me who had not used and bought a DKNY perfume for a year.

I played the detective part and even went to a department store to verify the item’s authenticity. The sales personnel said that there are only two The verdict? What I got from Great Value Plus is an authentic bottle. Although I did get the perfume for free, I want to make sure that what I am featuring in my blog is all authentic.

The owner also assured me of the same when he as soon as I raised my concern.
It took a while for me to publish this post because I have to play the part of detective and here I am presenting the facts to the juror. Haha. sells authentic perfumes and affordable items. The site accepts credit card and Paypal payment which is safe and secured. Delivery is fast and efficient with items carefully wrapped in bubblewrap.

Have I mentioned that included another item in the delivery? That’s a special gift to one of the lucky readers. Will post the mechanics soon on how you can win it 🙂

Have you tried shopping at GreatValuePlus? What do you think of this store?
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