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The Lacoste.12.12 Watch Collection

December 12, 2014

Lacoste made history in the sports and fashion scene today as the brand launches the new Lacoste 12.12 Watch Collection. What is more exciting is that, we got to play tennis, just like tennis legend Rene Lacoste (with Anthony Suntay and Patricia Hizon giving live game commentary)! 

Before I shared with you what happened during the big game.. here’s some Lacoste history for you.

Rene Lacoste (who was nicknamed crocodile for his tenacity on the court) is the tennis legend who designed the iconic and classic cotton petit pique poloshirt in 1927 – the uniform that would allow for better sweat absoption and freedom of movement. He named it, L 12-12.

L – location
1. for its one-of-a-kind fabric
2 – for its short sleeves
12 – for the number of final version of the design he selected for production

The L.12.12 has become the favorite shirt of every sports enthusiast. Today, December 12th, Lacoste introduces a new collection that would excite the elegantly athletic (and even those who doesn’t have a sporty cell  in her body – me!)

“Much like the classic polo shirt it is named after, the Lacoste.12.12 watch embodies the brand’s rich history of designing crisp, elegant pieces, and we are really excited to be bringing its 2014 Holiday Collection to Manila” – Julian Addison, Movado Group, Inc President for Asia Pacific. “Filipinos seem to have a tasteful yet practical sense of aesthetics – values that are manifest in these timepieces”


Macaroons that represent the colors of Lacoste.12.12 Watches

I mentioned about tennis game, and yes, Lacoste was serious about hosting a tournament. We actually played inside the Makati Shangri-la hotel and pretended we were in Wimbledon, London.
It was my first time to play the game in Wii (the last time I played a video game was when Super Mario was still everyone’s favorite game!))

Blue Team here with (okay that’s me and Joei :)) She’s awesome and plays well. 
I kind of feel bad for losing the game and sending the balls flying outside. Haha. #GoJackieGo won and her team (well, almost). They were defeated during the finals. The winners won a Lacoste Watch! Wow!
But we didn’t go home empty-handed, we just needed to pick a gift from the Christmas Tree..
I don’t believe in Santa Claus, but I believe in Lacoste! Oh yeah! Thank you so much for the gift! 🙂

I love dress  watches, but now I am leaning towards casual sporty and masculine watches. Six different colors – green, blue, red, grey, black and white. It is so hard to pick just one! There is always something for every mood but they are all timeless and classic that you can wear anywhere. 
Simplicity, refinement and comfort are the hallmarks of Lacoste’s wearable icons. The light, airy pique fabric that serves as the polo shirt’s unique signature is faithfully echoed on the watch by an attractive petit pique mesh effect running around the case sides and along the soft-touch silicone strap. I love how the crocodile is positioned at 3’o’clock (as if it’s ready to bite!). Wearing a Lacoste.12.12 watch is like wearing a true classic on your sleeve. 
Again, if you have not completed your wishlist yet (or shopping list), 
better include a Lacoste.12.12 watch! 
What’s your favorite from the Lacoste.12.12 Watch Collection? 

Lacoste watches are available at L Timestudio, Wristpod, select Chronos Boutiques, SM Department Stores, The Landmark and Robinson’s Department Stores.

Thank you once again PixRepublik and Rochelle for the fun event! 

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