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Maginhawa Food Trip Part 5: Cocina Juan

December 9, 2014

Non-stop eating and food discovery, that’s what the Maginhawa Food Crawl with Food Panda has brought us. By the time we reached Cocina Juan for dinner, I was already feeling a little sleepy and exhausted.. but it was not the time to give up! We kept the gustatory enthusiasm at level 10 as we entered the Cocina Juan dining area.

What I noticed about the restaurants in Maginhawa Streets is they stayed true with the Hole-in-a-Wall concept – unfinished interiors, lazy feel and recycled tone in the the restaurant’s display. 
Cocina Juan is no different but it gives an American-Mexican feel with a touch of Nicaraguan colors.The inspiration was taken from the easy life in Nicaragua where the owner Tom Adviento used to live.

Click Read More to know more about Cocina Juan…
 I love the play of colors inside the restaurant. 
Let’s start the feast!
Quesadilla Carne Php 219
It is soft pan toasted tortilla flour with choice of meat (pork, chicken or beef). I prefer the Quesadilla Con Tomate Php 189 which is just plain cheese and sliced Tomatoes! Yum!
 Don’t forget the Nachos!

Dinamita Php 169
Chicken Burritos Grande 
Look at this big plate of food!
Churasco Fiesta Platter which includes oven roasted beef, pork sausages, chicken with galla pinto rice, salad and parsley based sauce with Chiichurri Sauce and Chirmol Sauce. 
Churasco Guatemala Plaater which basically contains the same thing but in smaller serving (ah, you think this is small?) 🙂 
For dessert, we tried the Dulce De Leche Cheesecake :)
For exotic drink, you may want to try the Cucumber Lemonade (available per glass or carafe)
I just tasted the food served by Cocina Juan and I especially enjoyed the Quesadilla with Cheese and Tomatoes. The beef from platter is also good, and the fresh green salad on the side. I have to be honest that I was feeling a bit full and exploding for the 5th stop – so I am thinking of visiting Cocina Juan again for a re-taste of their offerings. Or better yet, order online via Food Panda if I were in the area (I know a friend who lives near).  
with fellow foodies, Byahilo, Omar, Marjorie and Jonel 

You can too can order and experience the American-Mexican goodness from Cocina Juan just by simply downloading the Food Panda app via iOS, or Google Play (also works with Windows). You may also order from Cocina Juan online via You may pay via credit card or cash-on-delivery. Delivery service depends on the restaurant (it could be as low as Php 30 or 10% of the total amount of items ordered)

Okay, let’s do a quick recap..
Breakfast: Katz Diner
AM Snack: Casa Quesadilla
Lunch: Homies 
PM Snack: Big B Burgers
Cocina Juan
100 Maginhawa St., Teacher’s Village, 
Quezon City, Philippines

You think we are done with food crawl (and food blog flooding?)
You wait and tea! 🙂

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