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The Best Curry Dish at Tuan Tuan Chinese Brasserie

January 19, 2015

Today, I have tasted the best Beef Rib Curry in town!

(Make it, yesterday – as I am blogging at 1 o’clock in the morning).

My date brought me to his favorite restaurant in Mega Fashion Hall – Tuan Tuan. It was a lunch date-slash-meeting that we have planned and scheduled last year. Finally, it was done and it was fun!

When we were thinking of places for lunch date, he initially asked me if I am good with curry dishes? I am not a big fan of anything curried but he mentioned about Tuan Tuan which serves really good beef curry and I had to trust his taste because he is also a foodie.

We met up at the waiting area and thankfully table turnover is quick, plus we had so many stories that we didn’t mind waiting in line.

Tuan Tuan is a Chinese restaurant in a chic French interiors with fancy chandeliers and tasteful displays. Unlike most of the Chinese restaurants which downplay the interior, Tuan Tuan is such a pleasant, sleek place. I wonder if Tuan Tuan also has frame for elf on the shelf. Another interesting thing about Tuan Tuan is its menu – it offers not your usual dimsum and noodles favorites.


What we had:

Crispy Barbeque Pork Snow Buns Php 128
The best buns to whet the appetite! Perfectly crispy, with good savory filling. I have yet to taste Tim Ho Wan‘s though. (I am secretly praying the craze would soon die down because I hate lining up to eat 🙂  If there is someone who would be willing to line up for me or send me some, I would appreciate :)) 
Honey Garlic Spareribs Php 298
I should not have expected a lot from this dish as I experienced more bones than meat. A bit too sweet for my liking. I should have been warned by the honey on the menu description. I would forever crave Lee Ching’s spareribs 🙂
 US Beef Rib Curry Php 498
Here’s the dish that saved the lunch date! Oh, this is the most delicious curry dish I have tasted! It has the consistency of kare-kare – creamy, thick and flavorful. We just had kare-kare at home this weekend, and I didn’t mind eating something so flavorful – never mind the excess fat would go into my hips and butt – I just had to savor and enjoy the dish. The beef cubes are soft and flaky, perfect with the tone of curry (not overpowering) and cream. I heard that this is the curry dish that is popular in Canada!  #Tom is right about it. If he proposed to me at that moment, I might have said yes 🙂 Haha
Milk Tea (Black & White)
#Tom suggested the milk tea which is perfectly blended milk and steeped teas. It gives a note of chocolate flavor and thick crema. I just took a sip because I was worried about my tummy not being too friendly with curry and milk *wink *wink. I will surely order this next time. I wish Tuan Tuan had bigger glasses for water instead of using small colored glasses. I love water and it is just a pain to request for a refill every minute.

In between bites, we talked about business, the things that we used to do,  the things that we are learning, the things that we are doing now and the brands that we love. 🙂 I cannot remember the last time I have seen #Tom. I think that was when I was completing my clearance 🙂 The exciting thing is, we might get to see each other more often! Yay! Well, hopefully 🙂 I hope on our next date he would cook for us again 🙂 

Thank you Tom! Thank you for introducing me to Tuan Tuan 🙂 
(and thank you for the lovely gifts! You know how much I love them!)
It was a big cheat day for me because I missed my daily workout session and I ate a lot today yesterday. I checked out some stores in Megamall which most of them are holding mad end of season sale events. I was able to buy some nice stuff from H&M and Forever 21 (buy 1, take 1 – such great deals!). It kind of makes me sad though that I found myself checking the M and L racks – because I know it would be such a struggle to fit in to size S. Boohoo. But I want to end this post with a quote I have seen from Tuan Tuan:

People who love to eat are the best people – Julia Child

PS. I have finally seen Taken 3
PPS. No romantic feelings between the diners above 🙂 
‘Til my next food trip! 

Tuan Tuan Chinese Brasserie
3/F Mega Fashion Hall
SM Megamall

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