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The Tasting Room at City of Dreams, Manila

February 8, 2015

I am a foodie, but I am still unsure if I like French cuisine or not. I mean, I want the beautiful presentation of the food with its delicate plating worth a space in one’s Instagram grid; but (oftentimes) some of these food don’t score high in the taste area. Usually, there is only one dish that stands out from the whole course – the dessert.

The Tasting Room in Crown Tower at the newly opened City of Dreams, Manila gave me a different French dining experience (with a taste of precious Louis XIII  – a $200/glass cognac, to boot).

First impressions, first – I only read and seen pictures of the new urban resort (that is, City of Dreams) online. So it was a golden moment when I arrived – well, everything looked gold in my eyes with the rays of sun set blazing.

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Off to the Tasting Room, we were welcomed with champagne and some fancy salmon wrapped like candies. Now, that’s creative. I got more curious what was coming out next from the kitchen..

Things became more interesting.. the Nori Butter and Truffle Butter were placed on the table – and warm French bread. Hmm.. I could have these for breakfast every morning! The butter were smooth solid, creamy and tasteful – you could almost mistaken them as a cheese.

The Amuse Bouse is like a Holy Trinity of starters. Goat’s Cheese with Caramelized Pork Flakes; Foie Gras Lollipops and Limoncello Jelly.  I first tried the Foie Gras and I died. Pure gastronomic bliss. Imagine eating Ferrero Chocolate with Foie Gras filling, but the chocolate was dark. 
 I then had the spoonful of Limoncello Jelly – that just instantly popped in my mouth. 
I had the Goat’s Cheese with Caramelized Pork Flakes last and I love the contrast of creamy texture of the cheese and crackling bites of the caramel. Unlike the other goat’s cheese I had tried, its lasting taste was something I enjoyed.
Duck Liver Terrine is a play on texture, flavor and shapes of cinnamon, port wine sauce, apple, strawberry, pear, honey and spicy red wine jelly. This dish could pass as a dessert, but its wrap which looks like chocolate is a jelly wine. I love the drops and dollops of berry syrups that temper the flavor of duck liver. Interestingly, I find it good to eat with warm bread 🙂 

Soup is 52-degree Egg. First impression – we loved the soup bowl! The greater attraction – the poached egg which was cooked for an hour with olive oil. It was a treat to eat with interesting ingredients re-surfing with every spoonful – onions, truffle (Perigord truffles!) and ham.

Another art in the plate is the 36 Hours Norwegian Marinated Salmon. 
This dish looks so gorgeous I could just stare at it for hours. But the salmon looks inviting – opposite the usual slab they serve in other restaurants. It is pink and moist. Don’t forget the caviar on the side. When I had my last bite, I couldn’t wait for the main course. 

For the main course, we were first served with this plate – followed by the rich aroma of rosemary coming from tureens that the servers were carrying around the room. 
From tureen, is the lamb – French Lamb Saddle!
The #mommist and I both agreed that the lamb was cooked well with rosemary. It doesn’t have the “maango”  taste in meat. I love the turnips and stuffed macaroni on the side – and lots of truffle sauce. 

Saving the best for last.. the dessert!
Guanaja Chocolate Ganache with Espresso Ice Cream and Spicy Cocoa Mousse. 
Here’s how you enjoy it, take a spoonful of ice cream and chocolate bits, then drink cocoa milk. Yum! I am not a fan of chocolate drink but what they served us was so good – I would have asked for another round if not that we were also having cognac that night. 🙂 
I missed to tell the Chef how much I love the food that night. At least I have a reason to come back 🙂 It is good to treat yourself to a luxurious meal once in a while, and if you are planning to spend your money on something fine, I would recommend the Tasting Room. You would love everything from appetizer to dessert. 
Now, that’s délicieux!
And I truly enjoyed the dinner because of equally fun people who love good food. Amazing how I  enjoyed the company of these people, some I met for the first time (hello mommist and lynne_enroute! + partners!) 🙂 

First time at City of Dreams and loving the Buggy Ride!
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Degustation Menu is priced at P3,200 for 5 courses; P3,600 for 6 courses; P4,200 for 7 courses; and P4,500 for 8 courses.

The Tasting Room
Ground Floor, Crown Towers, City of Dreams

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