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Facial + Diamond Peel Before You Hit the Beach!

March 12, 2015
I got my skin beach-ready before the summer and the first step I did is to – get that facial (!!!)
I know my resident dermatologist and skin care specialist are missing me badly. The problem was getting the appointment and schedule set for me. Thankfully, YSA Skin Care Clinic Tutuban Branch is just walking distance from our place and I need not to spend hours to get the facial treatment  – I was able to visit for a quick facial and diamond peel treatment before I flew to the island.
And I am so glad I did! I felt that my skin feels lighter, smoother and glowing even under the sun. 
(it sounds like a tagline to a commercial, but that’s how I truly feel!)

I seldom wear makeup and I have no issues going all plain and bare whenever I go to the beach – as long as I have my sunscreen. 
Let me share with you my YSA Love Story.. well, okay, let’s start with the Facial Treatment. The Facial Treatment with Diamond Peel is very simple and quick treatment.
1. Attendant will ask you to wash your face with Cleansing Liquid.
2. Mask is applied on the face, then Face Steaming follows after. 
3. A cold gel is then applied.
4. Quick Facial Massage to tone the muscle.
5. Pricking – which is very light and tolerable especially in the nose area! 🙂
6. Laser Toning to lighten redness and tighten pores.
6. Diamond Peel procedure which sucks the dead skin cells.
I was quite surprised with how they did pricking first before Diamond Peel. In the other skin care clinic that I go to, they do diamond peel first before pricking. YSA Skin Care Specialist said that they don’t want to hurt or damage the skin again after Diamond Peel because the skin would be very sensitive. They do not put any mask or gel to let the skin breathe and heal – which makes sense. 
I was advised not to wash my face for that night, and use only mild soap the following morning. It was also recommended to go back to regular skin care routine after 2 days. I thought my skin would feel too oily and dirty for missing the usual skin routine, but hey, it feels fresh and light!
This is a real “I woke up like this moment!” 🙂  
It is liberating to not wear any makeup and feel confident under the sun. Can you imagine bathing under the sun with dead skin cells and impurities? I felt that it would sink in deeper in your skin causing more damage.  I would however advise that you get the facial treatment a week before your trip 🙂 
Thank you YSA Skin and Body Experts! Next time I will try the body treatments to really achieve that beach-ready body!
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