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The New Sea Beeze Cafe Boracay: Buffet + Dancing Chefs

March 12, 2015
Forget about all the crazy diet plans and painful exercise workouts that you did to get that summer-body worthy to be seen in Boracay.. because.. you have to try the Sea Breeze Cafe Buffet!

Strategically located in at the beach-front of Station 2 where party happens (yes, that’s how I describe Station 2!), Sea Breeze Cafe by Hennan Garden Resort offers gastronomic feast and interactive entertainment.
We were on to a big treat on our first night in Boracay! We had heavy buffet at Sea Breeze Cafe and as much as I just want to eat very little because I was still feeling full from the heavy lunch at Henann Lagoon Cafe, the guests’ appetite was so inviting, I just had to join in the regale.

But first, I did quick snap shots of the food. Everyone was taking pictures. It seemed like I was on a media launch. It was good to know that guests find the buffet table appetizing in the eyes to take pictures and share in their social media feed!

Sea Breeze Cafe Ambiance

I love the modern contemporary design and big space that allows for easy guests traffic. Guests can choose to stay inside near the pool area, inside dining or in al fresco by the beach. The buffet table and displays are elegantly presented.

Doing a little research about this cafe, I found some old pictures of the cafe with its old rustic ambiance. I love the new modern feel of the cafe with its fresh and clean look. The couches and seats are comfortable. The designs and lines are easy on the eyes. It blends with the blue and green hues of the palm trees outside, and the white tone and texture of the sand. 


“You name it, we got it. We have the most extensive buffet in Boracay. We offer different dishes daily using only the freshest ingredients we source from local markets” – Dindo Salazar, Resort Manager, Boracay Regency Beach Resort and Spa.

#SeaBreezeBoracay Dinner Buffet 

I was not expecting a killer spread from Sea Breeze Cafe like the one in Spiral or Vikings Buffet. At least, something that you can eat, digest and crave while you are in the island. For its price, I am not disappointed. There’s a little taste of fine lechon, lots of tasty steak, generous servings of seafood, a bit of vegetables and a lot of fruits! I am a happy diner! There is a Live Cooking Station with different themes every night. It was a Sambal Station during Dinner Time (and transformed into a Mongolian Grill the following day at Lunch Time).  
Monday: Asian Stir-Fry
Tuesday: Salpicao and Salpicado
Wednesday: Moki -Moki (Hawaiian)
Thursday: Grilled Fish
Friday: Sambal (Hot Chille)
Saturday: Savory Sizzling Sisig
Sunday: Pasta Frego

The highlight of the cafe is the Grilling Station (add the fun, and entertaining chefs who are ready to serve you!) . Ed, Lou and I were actually talking how can they dance and cook like that. It would kill me. But it is nice to see them enjoying their work. It makes dining more pleasant for the guests. 🙂

The #SeaBreezeDancingChefs

We found our spot outside which was perfect. Picture this – fun friends, steak, fruit shake and the view. I so much enjoyed the dinner I just forget about sharing anything in social media. I owned the moment. That’s how I  am whenever I travel, I disconnect to the world and enjoy the world in front of me. Now.. let me flood you with pictures!!!

with Ed Uy and Lou Ventigan

I love that state of Boracay. It was calm when you needed it to be calm, and it was entertaining and fun when you wanted to feel its life. We were surprised when the chefs left their station and formed outside. It was showtime!

Well, aside from the food, guests are also treated by Dancing Chefs who do their performances twice every night. There is also a stage setup outside for live show band! Spell P-A-R-T-Y! 
Side Story: I usually plan my travels against the time of the month, but I had said yes to this particular trip out of excitement (teheheh). Unfortunately, my period came a day before our flight. On the days I was in the island, I had such heavy period – I felt that I was losing too much blood. We were thinking the alcohol was to blame. Have you girls experienced that? I am thinking of doing a little experiment next month. 😀

#SeaBreezeBoracay Lunch Buffet 

The following day, we were back at Sea Breeze Boracay! It became our second home. My friend and I personally love the bar near the entrance 🙂  Finally, we were able to see the cafe at its fine serenity and order before the mad crowd came in. Well, true enough, after a quick shoot of the food, the guests started coming in. 


The new Sea Breeze Cafe is still undergoing renovation with the construction of second floor. The cafe is the biggest buffet restaurant in the island which seats up to 200 at the main dining, 80 at the indoor, 30 at swimming pool and as much as 200 at the beachfront. 

What I love about Sea Breeze Cafe Boracay?
 ♥The cafe also serves ala carte meals for those who have dietary restrictions.
 ♥ I love that they always have strawberry shake! Yum! My favorite!
 ♥ Nice location, view and ambiance.
 ♥ Interactive buffet stations – a must-try is the Sticky Rice Flambe!
 ♥  I love the Mongolian Grille that was prepared for me by my friend. 
♥  I love the changing themes in the Live Cooking Station.
♥  Considering the price, it is worth to try Sea Breeze Cafe instead of doing normal Talipapa market and paluto. The last time we did it, I spent Php 600 for meals that I and my friend couldn’t finish. Sea Breeze Cafe can offer you the same festive meal.
What can be improved? 
Well, just like in any buffet restaurants, the place can get crowded and it might need to really wait at the Live Cooking Station because it seems that every customer wants to try what’s cooking in there 🙂
Sea Breeze Cafe Boracay Buffet Prices:
Breakfast Php 400++
Lunch Php 450++
Dinner Php 620++

Sea Breeze Cafe Boracay
Station 2, Beach Front Boracay Island, Philippines

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