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[Matabungkay Weekend Staycation] The Villa + How Fashion Bloggers Do #OOTD

April 18, 2015
I love staycations, going out with new set of friends, taking beautiful pictures and making memories. These things happened last week during our weekend staycation in Matabungkay Beach Resort.
On our first morning, we decided to “work” – it means taking out all the stuff for reviews (and for our fashion blogger friends, doing #ootd shots). It was more elaborate than I initially thought. 
In just an afternoon in the beach, I have learned how Fashion Bloggers do OOTD shoots:

First, you create a good ensemble that defines your style (we even played stylist for Michael who was undecided on what shoes he would wear for the first look).
Second, you have to find the light (natural light is always good). On our first day, we they thought it would be to do the “work” the following day because the sun has came down.
Third you strike a pose (like it was never a pose!). That awkward blogger pose is tricky. I personally would prefer for someone to take my pictures candidly than me pretending (posing) candidly.
 Fourth, you think of a good caption for your instagram picture. That is when you finally decided to share your pictures. Believe me, it takes forever to think of a good, witty or insightful caption.
And hey, you have to have a good photographer with you!
I just bought a few stuff for review but I also joined in the fun of #ootd shoots! Especially, there is so much instagram-worthy sights and scenes in Matabungkay Beach Resort! Take a look!


Here are some of the fun photos!
Matabungkay Beach Resort has so much nice scenes and sights making it a perfect location for pre-nup shoots, fashion editorials and #OOTD shoots.

Lookie, Rodel finally proposed! Haha I know people who would love to be in my place (and be in Matabungkay!).. BUT, I just cannot marry anyone just yet. I just got this funny reaction because it is really awkward. Rodel was really in the moment, but I was like, uhmm.. “not today” Haha. Read his preparation for the proposal here. 

We are the cool kids in the pool! We were in 6 feet pool and I was struggling! I am tall, but struggling 😉

The balsa! Imagine having lunch here and just lazing around.
After this picture was taken, I literally just wanted to dooze off.
Thank you Rodel for the pictures! Read his story here.

Come lunch time, we enjoyed Sinigang and Lechon Kawali!!!

In the afternoon, we decided to take a dip in the pool (and to take more pictures!) before we transferred to the villa!

(taken during stopover in a gas station en route to Manila! Haha)

The  Beachside Villa!

The beachside villa can accommodate up to 6 pax and is perfectly situated in near the beach and pool! It has a common garden area and terrace. It also has hot & cold shower, and minibar. I noticed though that the villa has no water heater and complimentary coffee and tea (good news; the Matabungkay Team is working on that). That’s the first thing I notice when I woke up the following day. I wanted to scream: I want my coffee!!! Thankfully, the Cogon Bar and Resto is open early in the morning for orders and room service 🙂

Villa Price: Php 10,000/night

The best thing about staying in the villa, the view of the sunset. I have seen different sunsets in different cities, and I would never get tired of taking pictures of sunset. 

At night, we had a lovely dinner at the beach side. The set-up seemed like a scene in the movie when the actor would propose to his leading lady. No joke! Look! You choose your actor and actress! Haha
Then, bonfire! 
The fire was as tall as I am! It was weird that they (#teamyup) missed seeing it from the villa. We tried to revived the fire by adding dried leaves. The things that you do to survive 🙂 We were all set for ghost stories that night, so we just decided to watch a movie in the villa. We caught Killer Mermaid on TV , then we saw Gone Girl. I thought the movie is brilliant! I didn’t like horror films that make you scream, I like the ones that make you Think 😉 Have you guys seen the movie? 

And that’s my weekend story for you guys. I recommend the Matabungkay Beach Resort for quick summer getaway and instagram-worthy shoots 🙂 Check out the beautiful pictures we took via hashtag #MatabungkayH2O
Imagine me singing “Kiss me.. down by the broken tree-house..” Haha! 

What I Wore That Day:
Old stuff that never gets old, you might have probably seen them before. But what’s new?
Neff Sunglasses! Yeah! More on that soon!

Til my next adventure. Can you guess where I am headed next? 🙂
Thank you so much Matabungkay Beach Resort and Liberating Jepoy for having us! 
Matabungkay Beach Hotel 
Brgy. Matabungkay, Lian Batangas, Philippines

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