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Shakey’s Online Delivery Review + Shakey’s Time Giveaway!

August 3, 2015
There’s always something about staying at home and lazing around that makes me crave for pizza. Thankfully, even if I am working on something in the computer, I no longer need to pick up the phone to order for Shakey’s delivery.
All I needed is go to the website or Shakey’s Time app, pick the items I want to order and wait for a call to confirm the delivery. 

I tried ordering online via Shakey’s website a few weeks ago. As soon as I processed my order online, I received a confirmation via my mail that the order had been received. It was then followed by a phone call (which I missed!) and the Shakey’s team sent a note to my email (just goes to show that it is really manned by real people and not just computers). I asked them to call me up again. 
The email confirmation notes the address, order information, mode of payment and special instructions. You can note your special requests and the nearest landmark in your home to assist the delivery guy and help in faster delivery. 
During the call, they confirmed my order and delivery time, as well as mode of payment. 
They also sent an email confirming that the order is being processed. 
As committed on the delivery time, my order arrived! 
I love that Shakey’s is committed to delivery good and quality service to the guests (not just in the store) but also busy patrons. 

What I love about Shakey’s Time and Shakey’s Online Order Delivery Service?

  • The convenience of choosing the products that you want 
  • and managing your budget because you can easily see the prices. 
  • You can multitask while ordering which is especially convenient for someone who always works in front of computer. 
  • I personally hate waiting for a call center agent to assist me. I get really impatient so the online delivery and Shakey’s Time app are really great for customers like me. 
  • Even if orders can be done online, customers can still pay in cash which is good for those who don’t have credit card. 
  • You can send a Shakey’s gift to your friends and you can pay for it 🙂

I wish you guys can try the convenience of ordering online via Shakey’s App or website too! Truly, we can access Shakey’s anywhere and anytime.  You just simply visit call the hotline 77777 or download the Shakey’s Time app!
Here’s a surprise for you all! I am giving away a 
Shakey’s Monster Deal Meal worth Php2,500!

The Monster Meal Deal includes:
2 Large crisp brick-oven-baked pizza: Manager`s Choice and Pepperoni Thin Crust; 
2 platters of rich and flavourful pasta: Classic Spaghetti & Carbonara Supreme; 
1 awesome twosome 12 pieces Chicken `n` mojos Party Pack
3 Pitchers of ice cold Coke.

GIVEAWAY! How to Win Shakey’s Time Monster Deal Meal?

Make sure that you follow the required steps below and follow the sponsor’s
social media accounts to be updated with what’s latest on Shakey’s. 

Post a creative photo of yourself where you dream of eating your Shakey’s pizza. 
I want to see your entries in space or moon?
Be as original as possible! 
Upload the photo on Instagram with the hashtags 
#ShakeysTime and #ShakeysTimeXRuthilicious.

Congratulations to the winner of the giveaway!

Kindly send me your name, mailing address and contact number at [email protected] 🙂
Will you invite me to your Pizza Party?

I cannot wait to see your entries!
The giveaway is open from today until August 31, 2015.

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