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Baskin Robbins Cookie Sundaes

October 3, 2015
baskin robbins 31 smiles

Ice cream can really put a smile on anyone’s face – even for me who is not much of an ice cream lover – can smile to the sight of the pink pint that we know belongs to Baskin Robbins. 

It’s been a year since they arrived in the Philippines and to celebrate the first year and 75 years since its birth in California in 1945, Baskin Robbins provided free cleft lift reconstructive surgery to 31 children. The CSR activity is in partnership with Operation Smile. The project is funded by Baskin Robbins and nuumber 31 is a symbolic number to represent the 31 flavors of Baskin Robbins – one in every day of the month. 
One of the beneficiaries of the cleft lip surgery is wivina Marie Maninang who is a 5-year old kid who dreams of becoming a professional dancer. I love witnessing touching and giving stories such as this. 
To spread the happiness around, Baskin Robbins also introduced a new flavor – Baskin Cookie Sundaes!

How to order your Cookie Sundae?
1. Choose Two Cookies
2. Pair with your Favorite Ice Cream
Choose from 31 flavors!
3. Choose Your Topping
Your choice of wet or dry topping with whipped cream and maraschino cherries!
It is a combination of warm chewy cookies, with White Chunk Macademia, Dark Chocolate Chunk, Double Fudge with 2 scoops of premium Baskin Robbins ice cream drizzled wiith sundae toppings. 
It was funny how the the Cookie Sundae tasted so wonderfully enticing for me. I guess, ice creams are truly made special when you share it with friends and loved ones. 

Happy Blogger friends – Jen Roxas, Jen Maslang, Kath Rivera and Rochelle Rivera
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