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Up in Cloud 9 at Niu by Vikings: First Year Anniversary

October 16, 2015

vikings anniversary menu

Niu by Vikings celebrated its first year with new exquisite offerings of fine dishes from their resident chef. These new dishes will send you up in Cloud 9 and will be available at Limited Time only.

A couple of weeks ago, we joined the celebration of Niu by Vikings‘ first anniversary and we were given an exclusive access to sample its newest offering. I brought my mom and friend with me. It was quite a surprised to find out that not a lot of people are familiar with Niu by Vikings. 
Everyone knew Vikings as the place to celebrate your birthday with sumptuous festive buffet meal and joyous singing from the staff – and hey, you get to eat for free. Niu by Vikings is the more sophisticated restaurant that offers a different dining experience. Knowing the Vikings team who takes even the smallest detail in to account – dining in Niu provides a feel of dining in a deluxe hotel (even so more finer). I love the chandeliers, warm lights, couches and seats that provide privacy to diners. There are function rooms for gatherings and big groups.

Enough of the talk. Let the pictures do the story-telling:
First up, for Amuse Bouche, we had Caprese Mouse and Avocado-shrimp Pannacotta. The Niu team coined it Up in Cloud 9 because of the 9 new additional dishes to join the ever sumptuous buffet spread. Niu means 9 in the Viking language. 

Cold Drunken Chicken
I love chicken and beer but flavor is insanely good!

Truffled Cream of Pumpkin and Mushroom
I love truffle soup and pumpkin soup and this combination is sending me to Cloud 9!

Supreme Mushrooms Bean Curd Skin Roll
For vegetarians out there. The mushroom somewhat tasted like meat to me.

Oysters and Pearls
Probably the most-talked about dish during the night. Well, oyster is not for everyone and should not be taken with empty stomach. The oyster is poached in white wine cream and served with lumpfish caviar. Love the presentation.

niu by vikings new dishes

Tuna Teriyaki Salad

My friend had to ask me twice if I am okay with sashimi and raw fish, and she was surprised when I took a big bite of the tuna.  What can I say, I love the greens and vinaigrette that went with it.

Salmon Chahan

You think that there is so much going on in this dish but the trick is to take a slice of each and enjoy a spoonful of different flavors. I love the Buta Kakuna hugging the asparagus which is tastefully crisp.

vikings niu anniversary

Braised Pork Loin in Malt Liqour

Unlike usual pork dishes that make you feel like your head is swelling because of cholesterol. This stroke a balance of pork and flavor. The red wine jello are perfectly teasing both in flavor and aesthetics.

Lamb Caldereta
This got to be my favorite. Lamb may leave an after-taste but the Adam and Parmesan Risotto balances the flavor.

Cheesecake Souffle Dessert
We missed the presentation of this succulent dessert because we had to go to the washroom. It was like a Japanese Cheesecake that is soft and light. The tablea mousse has unfortunately hardened but the tropical fruits on the side added a tropical twist on this fine dessert.

Just when you thought we got full from the 9-course meal.. we still had the appetite to get something from the buffet spread. Who wouldn’t be enticed with such enticing dishes?

I always skip the usual things and go straight to whatever is new to me (unless I am craving for something in particular). That night you would find me in the Carving Station to get more of Binusog na Lechon (!!!) and Peking Duck!! Can you imagine my cholesterol level hitting level 100?! 

Free drinks and wine – unlimited! You can even request special mixes and cocktails.

If you really want to get your money’s worth from a buffet restaurant, I suggest you visit Niu by Vikings. Thinking it is a bit expensive? Well, I tell you it is good to treat yourself to a nice meal once in a while and #eatlikeaviking

PS. my mom says we need to go back 🙂

Thank you Niu and Vikings team for always having us to your exclusive events!

Up in Cloud Nine. (First An-niu-versary)
It’s October and we’re celebrating our first year an-NIU-versary by featuring 9 special dishes for a limited time only (from October 19 – 27, 2015)! Come join us as we celebrate our first year! #upincloudnine
Posted by NIU by Vikings: SM Aura Premier on Monday, October 5, 2015

Niu by Vikings
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