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Milbon Linkage Meu Treatment at Cedar Salon

November 30, 2015
15-minute hair treatment Milbon Linkage Meu Treatment at Cedar Salon.
(and how they fixed my gray hair!)

I wish I could be a little more experimental with my hair but the previous treatment I had last year (rebond) prevented me from coloring my hair and being wild about it.
I only go to my trusted hair stylist who lives near our place. She previously did my digital perm and rebond. She was very honest which treatments we could do to my hair. 
Sometime last May, I went back to the salon to get a fix of my growing hair. Unfortunately, for some reason I didn’t understand, they turned a portion of my hair into blonde. I was running late for the Backstreet Boys concert that night and I didn’t have the time to fix it.
When I came back a few weeks after, they fixed my hair color. But it was still visible that I had blonde on the upper part of my hair. That made me looked like I am a natural blonde. Check the picture below:
Spot me at the Lenovo Tech World
Anyway, for several months, I just go back to the salon to get my hair color fixed but it always fades after a few weeks.
When I received an invitation to try the Holiday Metallic Colors and the new Milbon Linkage Meu . I was both excited and worried. Excited if they can do metallic hair for me to cover my gray hair and worried because the treatment might dry my hair. I had previous horror story about a salon review. But I rather not talk about it. 🙂
Milbon Linkage Meu Treatment review
Cedar Salon is located in Wilson Greenhills. The team welcomed me and Jake did a quick analysis of my hair. It was a beautiful Monday morning to get my hair fixed.
He asked what kind of treatment was done in my hair. I told him the same history (see above). He was suspecting the upper portion of my hair was bleached. I was positive it was not – unless, the old salon I go to made a mistake. Tsk. 
Milbon Linkage Meu Treatment review
Anyway, Jake was honest about what kind of treatment could be done in my hair. Sad news, we couldn’t do Metallic Hair Color yet because it would dry and damage my hair. Good news, they can fix my hair color. 
I appreciate the honesty there. I hate salons who would welcome any guest and do their hair treatment request just to get money from them. 
And this is #MeTimeatCedar was all about.
Jake personally applied the hair coloring while jumping from one station to another making sure that he oversees all the treatments of the guests. 

He used Schwarzkopf  hair color for my hair. It didn’t feel itchy or warm. It didn’t give a sickening scent too. The relaxing ambiance of Cedar Salon also helped me relaxed. Truth is, I hate spending too much time in a salon. 
After a few minutes and 2 slices of pizza…
Jake made my hair darker to make the roots a bit lighter (that’s how it should be!).
To give my hair a breather and retain its shine, we tried the new Japanese brand Milbon Linkage Meu treatment. This deep-conditioning treatment takes three steps to soften the hair: amino oil to smoothen the hair’s surface, a veil that seals in moisture, and a smoothening collagen as a top coat. The salon treatment is reinforced by home care vials to sustain the effects on hair. Each step is punctuated by a particular scent note, making the treatment experience relaxing as it is enriching for the hair.
Milbon Linkage Meu Treatment review
Milbon Linkage Meu Treatment review
I love it because it is only performed in 15 minutes, perfect for women-on-the-go. 
While I was having my hair treatment, our blogger friends were also having a wonderful me-time!
When my hair was washed, it felt so smooth and light! It feels like I have leave-on conditioner on it but lighter. It gave my hair a new shine and life. I love it! Jake even gave me curls to give it a little drama and I am not afraid to style it. 
My hair strands feel light.
PS.Wearing Pink Sugar lipstick here!
A few days after the treatment, I am still loving how my hair feels soft. Check out my instagram @ruthilicious for pictures 🙂 
Book an appointment with Cedar Salon to experience standout smooth hair care that’s the signature Milbon mark.

Thank you so much Digify Corp and Cedar Salon!

Cedar Salon
200 A Wilson St., Addition Hills, San Juan.  

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