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BluAnt Pump Mini Bluetooth Earphones Review

January 8, 2016
bluant pump mini review
BluAnt Pump Mini Bluetooth Earphones Review
There are days when I just want peace and quiet; and there are times when I want to just dance to the music (that’s when I use my bluetooth speaker/s). 
However, sharing music may not be always appropriate especially when you are commuting, traveling, working out or spending time with other people (you don’t know). This is when the ever handy earphones come to the rescue. 
I got a #bloggermail from our friends in Digits Trading Corporation and they sent me this very chic PUMP Mini Wireless HD Audio Sportbuds.

bluant pump mini review
Unboxing + Design

True to the real sense of Bloggermail, the packaging was a delight to unbox. I found the usual stuff inside:

PUMP MINI earphones
Ear tips in small, medium and large
Stabilizers in small, medium and large
USB Cable
User Manual

bluant pump mini review

The PUMP Mini Wireless HD Audio Sportbuds color that I got is so chic. The material is quite flexible and feels jelly and light. I personally hate earphones that are too big for my ears that sometimes hurt me more than hurting my eardrums. Pump Mini has a super-fit system that comes in small, medium and large sized tips and stabilizers that hold the ear buds in place to make sure that you “lock the pump in place” and allows you to embrace your next adventure. 
The earphones are labeled with R (right) and L (left) that helps you perfectly wear each ear piece.
bluant pump mini review
If not for the cheeky fun color, I would say that Pump Mini’s design is very basic and simple. There are only three buttons in the menu – Play, Up and Down buttons that control the volume or allows you to jump to the next song. 
The Pump Mini has a micro-USB port covered with rubber gasket. I am very careful with using this tiny cover as it tends to break out from the gadget after several use. The Pump Mini can be charged using any USB enabled device. The LED light turns red if it needs charging and blue when fully charged. 
bluant pump mini review
Pump Mini gives 6 full hours max of continuous play time or call time. Although I haven’t tested its full battery capacity, it seems pretty reliable for long drives and rugged adventures. It is also sweat proof and water-resistant. 
Connecting to Bluetooth + Music 
Have I failed to mention that Pump Mini Audio is a bluetooth enabled earphones? Well, surprise! It is! I quite had a challenge determining how to connect with it (I skipped the manual) but it was actually very easy. Simply press hard on the play button until it beeps and your gadget should be able to locate it – simply connect and voila! Enjoy your music!
bluant pump mini review
bluant pump mini review
Pump Mini Earphones provide heart thumping bass, punchy mids and crisp highs perfect to cheer you on your slow commutes or exciting hikes. 
You can also use the Pump Mini Earphones to take personal calls (it has built in microphone). 
What I love about BluAnt Pump Mini Earphones?
The design and easy feel on my ears.
It is a bluetooth earphones that don’t look weird on your ears when you wear it. 
I love the different tips and stabilizers. 
Clear sound quality for both music and voice. 

What I don’t like about it?

As it is a bluetooth enabled earphones, low battery or zero battery always gives me panic attacks (okay, I exaggerate!) . In cases of long travels, I worry not having my music when it all the battery juices are used up. So make sure you always bring power banks! For power banks, I love Ye!! power bank (also from Digits Trading!)

BluAnt Pum Mini Specs:
Wireless | Bluetooth Connectivity
General Specifications
Bluetooth ® 4.1
Up to 10 meters (33 feet) RF coverage.
CE, FCC, BQB, Ctick, RoHS/WEEE Compliant.
Headset Profile, Handsfree Profile, A2DP, PBAP, Micro USB Connector
Rapid Charge – a full charge in less than 1 hour
Frequency: 2.4 GHz
Battery: 3.7V Rechargeable Lithium Ion Polymer Cell
Up to 6 hrs talk time and 440 hrs Standby Time with charge time of 1 hour
Weight: 0.54 oz/16 g
Audio: 3GPP with DSP solution, APTX
Dimensions: 525 x 30 x 14mm / 20.66 x 1.21 x 0.55in
Colors: Black, Green, Pink, Purple, Orange and Red 
Pump Mini Wireless HD Audio SportBuds is available at Digital Walker, Digital Hub and Beyond The Box branches. 
Php 4,750
bluant pump mini review
Photo: @aupadua using Lenovo Vibe Shot

The BluAnt Pump Mini earphones are truly perfect for travels and sports activities as it “locks the music in your ears”; but for now I am enjoying my music in this chilly weather and owning it. 
Connect to Digits Trading for more updates on cool gadgets. 

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