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Easy Cooking with Kikkoman

April 30, 2016

Kikkoman challenged me once again to be a cook and explore the wonderful dishes that we cook and do with Kikkoman. I was flying en route to Barcelona on the first leg of #cookedwithkikkoman so I sent a friend to cover for me. This time around, I made sure that I got my Chef Face On at the 25 Mushroom Kitchen for the second leg of the cooking workshop. 

Before we even tried our hands with Sushi and Tonkatsu and other all-time favorite Japanese dishes, we first got to know Kikkoman with a little test.
Two cups of soy sauce – one is with Kikkoman and one is not.
How to tell the difference?
Kikkoman has a lighter color while typical soy sauce yields a dark color because of chemical. 
The color doesn’t also stick well in a wooden chopstick. 
The best part of the cooking class, tips from the experts on how to prepare a Sushi Platter. I did a live broadcast on #periscope (follow me Ruth dela Cruz @ruthilicious) and I received a lot of hearts! Yay!
When it was time to prepare for our own Sushi Platters, I find it a challenge to mold the rice perfectly 🙂 I now have high respect to Sushi Masters 🙂 Thankfully, we have the 25 Mushroom Kitchen crew to assist us 🙂 
Wew! So proud with my platter Haha
 And of course, eating sushi is best with friends and Kikkoman!
For our second dish, we cooked Pork Tonkatsu. We first pounded the pork to make it thinner. I would have usually put salt and pepper on my pork, but this time around, we basted it with Kikkoman Soy Sauce – then, we did the usual breading process – flour, egg and bread crumbs.
Someone was very happy with his creation.
Golden brown goodness!
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to finish the cooking workshop because I needed to attend an early dinner (oh, blogger life!). 
The better news, I got the recipe to make the Terriyaki Sauce and I can absolutely copy the same at home and cook with Kikkoman!
The new kitchen skills I have learned are timely, especially that mom just got discharged from the hospital and it means me manning the kitchen. Looks like we would have Japanese dishes the whole week!
Thank you Kikkoman and 25 Mushroom Kitchen for having me!
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