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Kilo Off Review: How I am Getting Back to Flatter Stomach Without Exercise

April 25, 2016

Kilo Off Review: How I am Getting Back to Flatter Stomach Without Exercise

I may be lucky to be one of the few who can eat a lot but not easily gain weight. I have to thank my father for the genes. But as I get older, I notice that I easily feel bloated and my “flat” stomach easily reacts to unhealthy diet. 
I started to feel conscious about wearing bikini and having my photo taken in unflattering angles. 

In my defense, I try to be more active. It still surprises me though that people find me athletic. They probably confused my love for adventure to being sporty. I try to work out to get back to flat stomach. It wasn’t easy. If there is a way to do it easier, I would try it (like RF and ultralipo). 
Recently, I was introduced to Kilo Off. I was hesitant to actually drink or try any slimming products because I am all for natural drinks. But I read some of the good reviews about the brand so I had to give it a try. 
Kilo Off is a product from France of company which has been established for 20 years. 
Kilo Off promises the following:
Safe weight loss
Burning of fats
Loss of excess water and toxins
A flatter stomach
Curbed food cravings
Support in healthy weight maintenance
Kilo Off comes in 3 different forms which have different functions in the body.
1. Kilo Off Powder Drink 
(SRP Php 995/Box of 10) 
– provides a global action as it helps burn fat, reduce cravings, increase metabolism, and gives you a flat stomach Lilo Off 4 in 1TargetFor those who want to slim down by acting on all weight inducingfactors but are hesitant to try pills or surgery.
Powder Drink Active Ingredients: 12 Active Ingredients (Green Tea and Coffee extracts to burn fat; Cherry Stalk and Orange Peel extracts to drain excess water and toxins; Pineapple and Papaya extracts to keep a flat stomach; Citrus and Apple Pectins to reduce cravings).

kilo off review philippines
kilo off review philippines

I tried this Kilo Off Powder Drink a few weeks ago and I was surprised what it did to my body. On the first day I took it, I immediately noticed the result. I didn’t crave for food (which always happens when I am staying home). I love that it tastes very light (more like a soda drink). 
I was worried about Kilo Off’s side effects so I took it when I was staying home. I was surprised when I woke up in the middle of the night feeling my stomach. I felt the need to go. I felt that my body has expelled all the toxins, excess fat in my body. It was just the first day. I already felt light and my stomach a few inches smaller. I felt less bloated. 
I thought it was my body’s reaction to anything new that I take in. I wish to continue to try Kilo Off on a daily basis to check out its full potential but my lifestyle prevents me to. But overall, I love what it does to my body and stomach. I am continuously taking Kilo Off to get to flatter stomach without exercise. 

Note that I have also limit my rice intake and I eat more fruits everyday.

2. Kilo Off 24 Capsule 
(SRP Php 850/box) 
Capsule active Ingredients: Pepper, Fennel, and Green Tea extracts to burn fat; Coriander to improve digestion. A day and night slimming action during 15 days:burns fat, keeps a flat stomach, detoxifies, improves digestion.

kilo off review philippines
kilo off review philippines
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The Kilo Off 24 Capsule focuses on fat burning. It is best taken 2x a day (before breakfast & before dinner) for regular slimming; 4x a day for intense slimming (2 before breakfast & 2 before dinner). 15 day break between each 15 day period.
3. Kilo Off Liquid Drink 
(SRP Php 895/bottle) 
ORANGE BOTTLE- aids in digestion and give you a flat while the PURPLE BOTTLE helps drain burn fat.
Liquid Drink Active Ingredients: Orange Bottle- Rhubarb, Acacia, and Tamarind facilitate digestion and help relieve a swollen stomach; Purple Bottle- Gurana, Green Coffee, and Grape Marc help burn fat.

kilo off review philippines
kilo off review philippines

kilo off review philippines
I limit my coffee intake and drink teas instead (and more water)

I am quite excited to try the Kilo Off Liquid Drink because I heard that it is also good-tasting. Each drink focuses on specific task and I got the orange one which is for keeping a flat stomach (goal!). It also promises shorter treatment of only 8 days. 
I used to be very conscious with my stomach and I always try to hide it. It was crazy because I once had a flat stomach.

I think in a few weeks I would be ready to hit the beach again. I can now wear cropped tops! Yay!

I personally know myself that come vacation, travel and holidays, I would once again indulge. It would again be a struggle to stay fit and maintain the figure. The better deal is that I already know a trusted brand which can help me achieve flatter stomach, detoxify and provides nutrients in my body instantly.

Note that Kilo Off may have a different effect in your body depending on your diet and lifestyle. I don’t eat a lot of sugar or chocolates. I limit my rice intake. I take things in minimal and I do drink a lot of water. Most importantly, I try to get enough sleep 🙂

Have you guys tried Kilo Off? 
How do you maintain flatter stomach?

Kilo Off is available in Watsons. 
Visit KILO OFF PHILIPPINES for more information.

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